22+ Alternative Nicknames For Boston (Other Than Beantown)

Nicknames For Boston
Nicknames For Boston

As we all know, Boston is one of the oldest cities in America with an interesting history and culture. So, we have prepared a list of 22+ nicknames for Boston other than Beantown.

If you are planning to visit Boston then it is important to all the nicknames for Boston other than Beantown. As most of the people are familiar with the nickname “Beantown” for Boston. There are still many nicknames unheard.

Boston, or “Beantown” is resident to many businesses, entertainment, and higher education universities.

So, let’s explore some best alternative nicknames for Boston. 

Best Boston Nicknames

Below is the list of Boston Nicknames that you may find useful. The names are;

  • America’s Walking City
  • B-Town
  • Bawstan
  • BeanCity
  • Beantown
  • City of Champions
  • City of Notions
  • The Big Crabapple
  • The City
  • The City of Kind Hearts
  • The City on a Hill
  • The Cradle of Liberty
  • The Dirty Water
  • The Hub
  • The Hub of the Universe
  • The Olde Towne
  • The Puritan City
  • Da Bean
  • Easite
  • Home of The Red Sox
  • Title Town or TitleTown
  • The Athens of America
  • The Bean
  • Shining City Upon a Hill

Popular Boston Hashtags

Below is the list of Popular Boston Hashtags or Captions. The Hashtags are;

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  • #visitboston
  • #iloveboston
  • #bostonusa
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