95+ Festive Christmas Names for Baby (Popular and Unique)

Christmas Names for Baby
Christmas Names for Baby

We all want a name for our baby that suits them and make them unique among other. So, if you are going to have a baby this Christmas and want a name based on Christmas that reminds you of the peaceful and happy feeling. Then we will help in this as we have prepared the list of 95+ Best Christmas Names for your baby boy or girl

Christmas is a festival with decorations and lights and brings chill winters at the end of the year. So, you can choose the most suitable name for your little angel or hero based on Christmas.

Below is the list of Best names for boys and girls based on Christmas Meanings.

What is a Good Christmas Name

If you are looking for some good Christmas names then you can consider some of the best names like Christmas or Merry. Also, some Popular Christmas names include Noel, Angela, Joy, Dove, etc.

You can also try some modern Christmas names such as Candy, Star, Winter, etc. You can also find some Christmas-inspired names that mean things related to Christmas such as peace and happiness.

Christmas Baby Girl Names

Below is the list of baby girls’ names based on Christmas. The names are;

  • Dorothy, Dorothea

Meaning: Gift from God

  • Candi, Candy, Kandi

As in Candy Cane, or Christmas candies

  • Christina, Christine

Meaning: follower of Christ

  • December

The month of Christmas

  • Faith

from the word ‘faith’

  • Felicity

Meaning: happiness

  • Grace

Meaning: Eloquence, kindness, favour

  • Gloria

Meaning: Glory

  • Ginger

As in gingerbread, meaning: pure

  • Dove

As in the bird

  • Eira

Meaning: snow

  • Emmanuelle

Meaning: God is with us

  • Eve

Meaning: living

  • Angel, Angelina, Angelica

Meaning: all names for angel

  • Avery

Meaning: Elf King

  • Beth, Bethany, Bethenny

As in Bethlehem, the city where Jesus Christ was born

  • Hermione

Meaning: The messenger

  • Holly

from holly tree

  • Hope

from the word ‘hope’

  • Ivy

plant seen around Christmas

  • Joy

from the word ‘joy’

  • Juniper

Meaning: young; evergreen

  • Mary, Maria, Miriam

Meaning: wished for child

  • Meri, Merry

Meaning: Mirthful; Joyful

  • Michaela

The female version of Michael, which means “who is like God”

  • Natalie, Natalia

Meaning: born on Christmas Day

  • Natasha

Meaning: born on Christmas Day

  • Neva

Meaning: white snow

  • Nicole

As in Saint Nick/Nicholas; Meaning victory of the people

  • Noelle, Noella

Meaning: Christmas

  • Paloma

Meaning: dove

  • Robin, Robyn

Meaning bright fame

  • Seraphina, Serafine

Meaning: Angel; Fiery

  • Star, Starr

Representing the star followed to find Jesus

  • Stella, Estella, Estelle

Representing the star followed to find Jesus

  • Theodora

Meaning: Gift from God

  • Winter

From the word ‘Winter’

Christmas Baby Boy Names

Below is the list of Christmas Baby Boy Names that you can choose from. The names are;

  • Alfred, Alfredo

Meaning: Christmas elf

  • Angelo

Meaning: angel

  • Balthazar

Meaning: one of the three kings

  • Cane, Kane

As in candy cane, meaning: warrior

  • Caspar, Gaspar, Jaspar

Meaning: one of the three kings

  • Celyn

Meaning: holly

  • Christian, Christopher, Cristobal

Meaning: follower of Christ

  • Claus

As in, Santa Claus; meaning: people’s victory

  • Eldan, Elden

Meaning: from the elves valley

  • Emmanuel

Meaning: God is with us

  • Gabriel

From the angel Gabriel, meaning: God is my strength

  • Geoffrey

Meaning: peace

  • Jack, Jax

As in Jack Frost, from the name John, meaning: God is gracious

  • Jesus

Meaning: God will help

  • Joseph

Meaning: God shall add, as in Mary and Joseph

  • Malachi, Malakai

Meaning: God’s messenger

  • Noel

Christmas;  Angel

  • Nicholas

As in Saint Nick/Nicholas; Meaning victory of the people

  • Rudolph, Rudy

As in the red-nosed reindeer!

  • Tannon

From the Christmas carol, ‘O Tannenbaum’

  • Theodore

Meaning: Gift from God

Baby Names Meaning Light

If you couldn’t find any suitable name from the above list, you can consider some names from below. The names are;

  • Claire, Clara, Clarice (Also the little girl in the Nutcracker)
  • Eleanor, Eleanora, Leonor, Lenora, Nora
  • Epifanio, Epiphany
  • Ellen
  • Helen
  • Lucia, Lucian, Lucius, Lucy, Lux
  • Raiden

Baby Names Associated With Winter

  • Alba
  • Alaska
  • Aspen
  • Elsa
  • Everest
  • Forest
  • North