Astra Roblox Id

Below is the list of all songs from Astra. You can copy any Astra Roblox ID from the list below and paste it into your Robkox game.

Imagine Dragons – Thunder (Astra Remix)1657160104
Astral Train712436494
Astral Cry1837360908
Time Flies – by AstralSmh/antiverts6519219204
Astral Spheres1845316806
Up and Astral (c)1838082232
Superliminal OST – Astral5958662240
Elyon – Astral Observatory REMIX6054355432
Dark Hero (Duet) – Astral Chain6143078066
KEDELA – ASTRAL6214883307
between dimensions – adastra OST6228285468
Astral Luminous – Transcendence6419481662
Hallmore – Astral Projection6457254964
Adastra Soundtrack – Main menu6171333739
Astral blast – Nanobii211606281
Astral entrance – Eloy3649662288
Lightspeed – Astra1217708198
Overload – Astra4178790720
Mystify – Astra4178321512