Backwards 3 – How to Type Ɛ with reverse 3 in Any Device

Backwards 3
Backwards 3

Backwards 3 is one of the recent trending figures that has been used by thousands of users to show off their love in social media like Twitter and Instagram. Reverse 3 has become the trend because it shows a heart sign when used reverse.

The backwards 3, when typed opposite, it looks like Ɛ this. And when it is used by > this symbols, it looks like heart symbol Ɛ> like this.

So, if you still didn’t find the exact way to create a write reverse 3 or backwards e, then this guide will help you out to make everything clear.

Backwards 3 or Reverse 3, which also looks like Reverse e, creates a heart shape and when I first saw this type of symbol, I just couldn’t figure out the secret to creating this heart symbol on my keyboard.

But after searching every letter and syntax, I couldn’t find this reverse 3 symbol and then I decided to find out the way and I searched over different sources to figure this out. And finally, I’d found the method and that’s why we want to help you to figure out this method. You can actually write backwards 3 or reverse E on any device.

Let’s have a look at all the methods to write reverse E.

How to Type Backwards 3 in any Device

The easiest and simple way to write reverse 3 is that you can copy it from here “Ɛ.” This will save you a lot of time and by doing this, you don’t have to learn any technical terms or procedures. With this method, you can easily write backwards 3 in Android Mobile, iOS, Mac, etc

So, this is the easiest method by which you can easily type the sideways heart symbols to share on social media.

How to Type Backwards 3 with ALT Code on PC

Well, this method is also pretty easy. Just follow the below simple steps to write reverse 3 in PC with Alt code.

1.  Turn on your PC, and open any application like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint where you write any documents.

2. Now open a blank document.

3. Then type 0190.

4. After that press ALT-X simultaneously to transform this code to Ɛ.

How to Insert Reverse 3 into other Way

There are also some other methods that can help to type backwards 3 in documents like Google Docs or MS Word. Just follow the below instructions to do that.

1.  Open your device and open any application like MS Word or Docs.

2. Open a new document.

3. Now click on the “Insert” tab from the selection menu.

4. Then look for the “Symbol” tab and click on it.

5. After that you will be presented with a long list of symbols and syntax codes.

6. Find Ɛ symbol and insert it in your document.


That’s it. The above methods are some of the best ways to write heart symbols. We hope this article has helped to figure out the techniques for writing reverse 3 or backwards 3 on any device.