Best 5 Fishing Rod Enchantments in Minecraft

Best Fishing rod enchantments in Minecraft
Best Fishing rod enchantments in Minecraft

A Fishing rod in Minecraft can be created by using three sticks and two strings. Fishing rods can be used for finding numerous things including fish, enchantment books, or any other rare items, etc. As we all know that we can enchant many items in Minecraft including Fishing rods. There are 5 Fishing Rod Enchantments in Minecraft out of those one being the Curse of Vanishing that can be only used to troll other players in Minecraft.

With Enchanted Fishing rods, players can find better loot underwater. The player has to put the rod attached thread into the water and by doing this they can catch fish, rare items, and some better loot also.

Let’s explore some of the best Fishing Rod Enchantments in Minecraft.

Best Enchantment of the Fishing Rods

Below are some of the best enchantments for the Fishing Rod that you can try to get to loot the maximum item and increase the durability of the rod.

1. Luck of the Sea

The Luck of the Sea enchantment helps you to increase the chances of getting valuable rare items by fishing. This enchantment increases the luck of finding some of the rare items from fishing. On progressing each level the Luck for Treasure catch increases by around 2% for a maximum of 6% providing you with a maximum of 6% more luck on level 3. With this enchantment, players can find rare enchanted books, Saddles, Bows, etc.

2. Unbreaking

Unbreaking is another best enchantment for fishing rods as well as other armours in Minecraft. This enchantment reduces the chances of losing item durability when it’s used. Unbreaking will increase the durability of the fishing rod to last around 45% longer with Unbreaking enchantment. The highest level of Unbreaking enchantment is three.

3. Mending

Mending is one of the best enchantments that you can use on most of the tools. As Mending is a treasure enchantment, you cannot get it from the enchantment table. Mending uses XP to repair the item enchanted with it. Whenever you collect experience orbs, it will repair your Fishing rod. So, Mending enchantment is going to help you a lot in repairing the Fishing rod. Mending has a max level of 1 only.

4. Lure

Lure enchantment helps in catching fish. When you use the Lure enchantment on a Fishing rod, then the amount of time that you have to wait for catching a fish will be reduced and thus will provide you with the opportunity to catch as many fish as you can. On each level the waiting time for catching fish will reduce by 5 seconds, providing a reduction of 15 seconds levels 3. The maximum level of Lure enchantment is 3. So, this does not provide any other benefits rather a reducing the time for catching fish. You can also try this as well.

5. Curse of Vanishing

We all have been familiar with the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft. But if you do not know much about this then you read our guide on Minecraft Curse of Vanishing. Basically, this is a curse enchantment that does not have many features to offer. Curse of Vanishing can be used to troll another player as it can cause an item to completely disappear from the Minecraft world upon the in-game death. However, it is beneficial in PvP mode as players can enchant their own Fishing rod so that no other player can loot the rod after the player’s death in the game.

The above are some of the Best Fishing Rod Enchantments in Minecraft that you can try to loot better items from the sea. As some of the rare items can be only obtained from the chest and from the sea, during fishing. The above enchantments will help you to the valuable resource faster.

We recommend you to try the “Luck of the Sea” enchantments as this can increase the chance of finding rare items faster. Additionally, you can also enchant the fishing rod with Mending and Unbreaking enchantments. These both will help your fishing rod to stay with you for a long time by providing repairing and durability features.


Fishing rod enchantments in Minecraft helps players to procure more resources from the sea by the means of fishing. A player can enchant a fishing rod using an enchantment table along with Lapis. We hope this guide helps you in finding the best enchantment for the fishing rod. You can also check out some of our other guides like Minecraft Optifine and Best Light Sources in Minecraft to know more about it.