Best Minecraft Challenges to Make Survival Mode for Fun

Best Minecraft Challenges for Survival
Best Minecraft Challenges for Survival

Minecraft survival mode is one of the best ways that most players like to play in Minecraft. Despite having realms and mods, Minecraft survival mode has remained the most playable and popular way to play this blocky game. As you might have known that Vanilla is more entertaining, there are plenty of ways by which you can make Minecraft Challenges in Survival more fun and engaging.

As the predefined challenge for most of the Minecraft players is to defeat the Ender Dragon but that’s not for everyone. Many players create their fun by deciding the path they chose to go there.

Adding challenges in the game is the voluntary decision made by any player to make their gaming experience better and engaging while completing those challenges.

Playing Minecraft with usual rules and objectives seems a bit boring for many players as their basic challenge was to defeat Ender Dragon. But Some players desired to make a new experience by adding some challenges and difficulty in it.

If you are one of them and looking for Best Minecraft Challenges in Survival mod then this guide will definitely be worth reading. These challenges required an internet connection to download custom maps and with those challenges, you can surely bring more fun into Minecraft.

Let’s explore some of the Best Minecraft Survival Challenges to make this game a creative and fun place.

Hardcore Survival Minecraft – No Second Chance

Hardcore Survival is the most common and easiest way to spice up the gameplay as it is easily accessible for Java Players. It has been the most difficult game option built-in Java Edition. So, this is not a mod nor do you have to download any additional files from the Internet.

But, you will not see anything new during this gameplay mode as everything is identical to the normal Minecraft game except one exception of having only one life. In Normal Minecraft, players can die and can again respawn with infinite times. But in Hardcore Survival Minecraft, players will have only one life and if they die they cannot continue from there.

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Hardcore mode is popular because it allows the user to test its capabilities to withstand in the survival game. This makes the players make a wise decision before doing anything and makes them feel more impactful. With this Minecraft challenge, you can challenge yourself to see how much time you could survive in this hardcore mode without dying.

Skyblock Minecraft Challenge

Skyblock in Minecraft is one of the oldest mods that most of the players have heard about as it has been a part of almost every update ever since 2011. Players can play Skyblock mod in Java by downloading a custom map or they can purchase it for Bedrock Edition.

This Survival Minecraft Challenge will put a player on a very small floating island above the void by having a chest with some necessary items only. The players can then expand this island by building their own base so that they can live there with all the comfort.

On the Minecraft server, players can also invite others that make it easy to trade and obtain other inventories. This mod is also a challenging mode that allows users to test their capability and make Minecraft more fun.

OneBlock Survival Minecraft Challenge

Oneblock Minecraft challenges

Another Popular and challenging survival mode that spawns a player into a single floating block above the void with only providing a single means of progression i,e, mining that single block. This single block will respawn for indefinite times and that makes it easy for players to continue their mining for their progression in the game.

But the twist is not over. When the players start mining, they will only get those items that this block wants to provide. This simply means that whatever you got while mining that will be the grace of this Block.

This block can spawn both Passive as well as Aggressive mobs. Players can use the collected materials through mining for expanding this island block by making a farm, home, or into a large piece of block.

There are 10 different phases of the block that the player can mine to progress in the game by mining a certain number of blocks from each phase. And the final phase will spawn the End City allowing them to fight with Ender Dragon with the materials that the player has gathered through mining this OneBlock.

This Minecraft Survival Challenge adds fun things to the game and allows the players to conquer the victory by using the resource from this one block only.

Constructing City Challenge in Minecraft

City construction Minecraft Challenges

This Survival Mode Challenge of Minecraft allows a player to build an entire city from scratch. Constructing a city with limited resources then unlocking advanced equipment to build the city is a challenging part.

Players have their own choice for making the city. They can use wooden tools at first and then add other advanced tools in the city. By playing this mod, you have to progress in construction through various stages by completing certain requirements.

This Challenge makes the player enjoy the fun of making this interesting item in the game. As this is an interesting thing to build in Minecraft, players can enjoy the fun of making the entire city and then can show it off to their friends.

Survival Islands Challenge

Survival Island Minecraft Challenges

This is truly a Survival challenging mod where the player is spawned on an island surrounded by a vast ocean. This sounds boring at first but you’ll have more fun and thriller while playing this mod. They have to use the resource wisely.

For Minecraft version 1.12 survival island seed, you can try the “-3057195824021022322” Seed that will spawn you in the Survival Island. When you spawned on this island, you cannot leave the island and start a second base. You also cannot add more blocks to the island to make this bigger.

This Minecraft Challenge will help you to learn how you can sustain yourself on this island that is surrounded by Ocean and water.

The above are the most popular Minecraft Challenges that you can enjoy while playing. Now, you might be wondering which is the hardest Minecraft challenge among the above.

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Well, the hardest challenge in Minecraft is OneBlock as you have to depend on the grace of the block and have only limited resources to play and by mining this block and collecting resources, you have to defeat the Ender Dragon at last.

With the above guide, you can make Minecraft Challenging. This will also increase the fun and helps you to play wisely in the game.


Minecraft can become a bit challenging and fun with the above good Minecraft challenges. You can also go with hardcore mode as can challenge yourself and make the Minecraft Survival more interesting and fun.