Top 15 Better Discord Plugins for Your Server in 2022

Better Discord Plugins
Better Discord Plugins

Discord is quite popular among people globally but it is mostly loved by gamers and Discord server moderators because it has all the features that are required by them. But the Official Discord application does not include all the features and for that reason, people are shifting from Original Discord to Better Discord. Better Discord Plugins is one of the main extended features that is loved by people.

Discord also offers several Bots that can be invited to Discord for making your server more engaging and interesting. Discord bots provide almost every feature that is required to run a Discord server properly with high engagement times.

Bots like Music bot, Moderation bot, Game bot, Quiz bot, etc are available in Discord which can be invited to any server to enjoy the above-mentioned features.

You can also use the Custom Discord themes, Skins, Emotes, etc in BetterDiscord Application. But for now, we will explore the list of the Best 15 Better Discord Plugins that will make your Discord Server easily manageable.

You can acquire different types of features from different plugins that can make your server performance and engagement boost.

Let’s get to know about BetterDiscord Plugins.

What is Better Discord Plugins

Discord Plugins mainly acts as an Add-on extension whose primary function is to provide additional features that aren’t available by default. It provides several extra features that will help you to manage any discord server and make it more enjoyable for your server members.

We all know that managing a discord server is not an easy task and that’s the reason we need something that will help us to manage everything in a server. However, Discord bots fulfil most of the requirements that any moderator needs for their community but there are some features that cannot be delivered by discord bots.

So, here we need Better Discord Plugins that will contribute the features that cannot be furnished by Bots.

Best 15 Better Discord Plugins

Better Discord plugins will definitely ease your workload by providing some additional and extended features to your server. So, take a look below to discover Top Better Discord Plugins.

1. Spotify Controls Plugin

Spotify Controls Plugins is one of the best options for Spotify lovers. With the help of this plugin, you can listen to your favourite songs while participating in a discord server. You can control the song like pause, resume, next, previous, shuffle, etc within the Discord itself.

Basically, this plugin adds a control panel on a connected account to let you control your favourite tune from anywhere in the discord. It is one of the top-rated better discord plugins which is installed on thousands of accounts.

2. Guild And Friend Removal Alerts Plugin

This is a new plugin added in BandageBD that provides features of getting alerts of activities like banning, kicking out or even deletion of a server. With the Guild And Friend Removal Alerts Plugin, you will get notified whenever you are banned from a server, kicked out from a server when any of your friends remove you or even you will get an alert when a server is deleted.

This plugin will help to get updated about all these kinds of stuff. As it is a brand new plugin, it has already hit the 1k+ download count and is even increasing rapidly. So you must give this amazing better discord plugin a try.

3. Grammar Correct Plugin

You might have heard about Grammarly that provides ways to rectify grammatical mistakes while writing. Similar to that, Grammar Correct Plugin will help you to rectify the grammatical mistakes while you write any messages.

This plugin will help you to improve your writing skills as well. By using this plugin, you can write messages in a professional way without any errors in your writing and that’s quite an amazing feature for many of us.

4. User Details Plugin

The User Details plugin will help you to find information about any user in popouts. You can easily get the details of any users without going into their profile. It sometimes works as a time saviour by providing details in popouts.

As this plugin is also new in the BandageBD plugin library section, it already crossed the download count of 10k+ and that’s a huge number for any new plugin. So, you should definitely give a try to this extraordinary plugin to know user information easily.

5. Show Hidden Channels Plugin

This plugin is extremely helpful for those who can’t view channels that cannot be accessed due to role restrictions. Usually, moderators set up role restrictions from some members and if any moderator has also restricted you to view the channels then this plugin will help you in this scenario.

With Show Hidden Channels Plugins, you can easily view the channels that have been hidden due to role restrictions. So, if you want to try this plugin to show hidden channels then you must go for it.

6. Call Time Counter Plugin

If you talk a lot in a discord voice chat then this plugin will help you to keep track of the call time of your voice chat. Basically, some people talk for minutes and some for hours and you cannot see how much time you’ve spent during that call.

And that’s the situation, Call Time Counter plugin will assist you in viewing call timing. If you also wanted to keep a track record of the call timer then you must try this best discord plugin.

7. Better Formatting Redux Plugin

Better Formatting Redux is one of the top Better Discord Plugins that enable the features to use the Discord Formatting Text system. As you know, discord has several features to customize text like, Bold, Strikethrough, Italic, etc. And with this plugin, you can perform all these functions just by clicking the option.

It also has a spoiler tag option by which you can set any text marked as a spoiler. It is considered to be one of the most popular better discord plugins in BandageBD. So you must try this plugin to enjoy its amazing features.

8. Better Volume Plugin

Better Volume plugin will help you to adjust volumes of individual users instead of everyones. As you know you cannot adjust the volume for individuals in discord voice chat and this plugin will enable this feature.

With this plugin, you will get a volume panel in which you can set and adjust the volume of every member in a discord voice chat. If you are having a voice conversation where lots of people have participated then this plugin will work as a life saviour for you.

9. Send Large Messages Plugin

Discord only provides the limit of sending 2000 characters in a single message. But sometimes it is not enough for us because we might have some story that we want to share but that requires far more characters than the default limit. So, you have to send the message by dividing it into several parts manually.

Here’s SendLargeMessages Plugin will get your back and will provide you with the feature to write as much as you can and it will automatically cut that large message into several parts and saves your time.

10. Creation Date Plugin

Have you ever thought about the creation date of any user’s account? If yes, then this plugin definitely gonna make you amazed. This creation Date Better Discord plugin will help you to view the creation date of any account in the usermodal and userpopout.

This plugin has already got a download count of 80k+ and this counting is increasing rapidly. You must try this plugin if you really want to enjoy this plugin feature.

11. Google Translate Option Plugin

Google Translate Option Better Discord Plugin

Google Translate Option Plugin will help you to translate any message in your desired language. It is, somehow, very similar to Google Translator. For example, If any user wants to have a conversation with you in their own native language then the plugin will work as a life-saver for you.

You can translate any outgoing and incoming message and also reply to anyone in their native language. So, if you really face any situation like this then you must go for this amazing better discord plugin.

12. Game Activity Toggle Plugin

Game Activity Toggle Plugin

Game Activity Toggle Plugin is one of the most downloaded better discord plugins with a download count of 95k+. This plugin was launched in the previous year and already got the tag of the top-rated and most downloaded plugin in BandageBD.

With this plugin, you can add a display game activity option in the main toolbar. You can also hide your games from your friends with the help of this plugin. And by this, your friends cannot detect that you are actually playing a game.

13. BadgesEverywhere Plugin

BadgesEvweywhere Better Discord Plugin

The BadgesEverywhere Discord Plugin will display all the badges of any user. Certain members have acquired badges like Hypesquad and Nitro and this plugin will help you to view all those badges that any particular member had.

This plugin will show you all the badges allotted to any member right next to their profile. So, if you also want to utilize this amazing feature you must go with this plugin.

14. ThemeRepo Plugin

ThemeRepo Better Discord Plugin

BetterDiscord has themes and plugins but it consumes a lot of time for any individual to download themes from the BandageBD website and then install it from your storage.

ThemeRepo Plugin will help you to save your precious time by providing the functionality to download themes directly from Bandage BD Official website within the Better Discord Application. So, if you love to try amazing themes without doing much then go for this plugin.

15. PluginRepo Plugin

PluginRepo Better Discord plugin

Similar to ThemeRepo Plugin, it provides the features to download any BetterDiscord Plugins directly within the Better Discord application. This plugin definitely gonna save your hard work and time by providing such an amazing function.

You just have to download this plugin and then you’ll be able to download any plugin including the above listed directly from the betterdiscord application.

Now, the list of the top 15 Better Discord Plugins has been completed and now we are going to know the installation guide of these plugins.

Let’s get to know about how to install Better Discord Plugins. The process is going to be very easy and simple. So, let’s have a look at the steps.

How to Install Better Discord Plugins

To install BetterDiscord Plugins you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps that do not require much time. So, follow the below-given steps.

1. Open Your any Browser and hover to the BandageBD Plugin Library section or you can also download the plugins from the above-given links.

2. After selecting the plugin, just download it and now open your Better Discord Application.

3. Now, click on the user-setting icon located at the bottom of your Discord screen.

4. After that, go to the BandageBD menu and then find the “Plugin” option.

5. Now, In that option, click on “open plugin folder” and select your plugin from the storage and install it.

Congrats! You have successfully learned the method to install plugins and now it’s time to try the features of your favourite Better Discord Plugins.


Better Discord Plugins works as an add-on extension that provides additional features in discord. As Better Discord violates the ToS of the original discord application, your account will not get banned until you use any unauthorised plugins or themes that are not in the list of BandageBD.

So, now you have the list and you know the features. It’s time to try the desired plugins that you need the most in your Discord Server.