Carl Bot for Discord: Commands, Features and Installation Guide

Carl Bot
Carl Bot

Moderating a discord server is a type of accomplishing mission where you have to manage every single aspect. While Discord offers tons of features it also offers the privilege to create your own discord community. But managing a discord server is the most difficult part that every moderator has to go through. And that’s why they require a moderator bot to ease their work and Carl Bot has everything that a moderator requires.

It is common in a community where disputes and conflicts can happen and to take necessary action you have to manually send a warning to those members or even have to ban or kick out those members from your server with manual action.

But, don’t worry Carl bot will help you in these matters.

Discord offers seamless features including streaming games, chatting, sharing media, voice chat, etc. It also provides additional features like inviting the bot to your discord server.

By inviting a discord bot you will get extended features for moderation, music, gaming, etc. One of the best bots that offer the functionality to play your favourite music track in discord is the Groovy bot. With this bot, you can easily play any

track within the server to make your community engaged while listening to songs.

On the other hand, Carl Bot is a moderation bot that offers plenty of features that will help you to automate your moderating task. So, you don’t have to manually do everything in moderation on your server.

But in this guide, we discuss everything including Carl bot features, commands and installation guide. So, let’s move further and explore the Carl Bot

What is Carl Bot

The Carl Bot is a moderator bot that provides tons of features to manage a discord server. It is an advanced moderation bot with an automated feature. This bot allows you to create reaction roles, managing reaction roles or even storing chat and logs.

You can set this bot as an automod and then you barely have to do anything. With the help of Car bot,  disputes and spamming can barely occur. You can easily direct this bot by giving it control to kick or ban any member that tends to spam your community.

You will find it a bit hard if you have just started using bots because it has an advanced dashboard that has lots of things to do. However, there are alternatives to Carl bot as well and one of the best alternative moderation bots is the Dyno bot.

You will find Dyno bot much easier as a beginner but if you are ready for this Carl Bot and want to know its features and commands then proceed further to read.

Carl bot has almost every moderation feature that can help beginners and experts to tackle the problems of spamming and disputes. It’s gonna definitely help you to moderate your discord server with just a few commands.

Now, we are going to discuss the features of Carl Bot. Let’s move further to know more about it.

Carl Bot Features

Features of Carl Discord bot are extremely incredible. You will get lots of things to customize in the Carl bot dashboard. Being used on more than 3 million servers, it describes the popularity of this bot. So, let’s go through some of the best Carl bot features.

1. Custom Commands

The custom commands feature of the Carl bot helps you to write custom commands to ease your moderation work. This feature really helps to increase the functionality of this bot by giving it more flexibility to perform moderating tasks.

2. Reaction Roles Managing

Managing reaction is another best feature of Carl Bot. It has more than 250 roles that can be chosen and it is one of the best methods to prevent spamming. This bot can assign roles to every member that can be helpful for large communities. You just have to create a message to react to and the reaction will be automatically allocated to them based on their chosen reaction.

3. Logs Everything

Carl bot has the feature to log everything that happens in a discord community. Activities stores when any new members join your server, update any info, leave your server, delete any message, etc. It just records and saves every log in their database that can help you to keep an eye on your community activities.

4. Formatting Text with Markdown

Text formatting system helps you to design your messages uniquely. You can send messages by making them Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, etc. You will find it useful if you want to customise your text and make it look different from the usual formatting of text.

5. Auto-Moderation

Auto-moderation feature is an advanced feature in Carl Bot that can make your moderation task much easier than you could think. You just need to set this bot as an automod and direct the action to it and it will automatically make all your tasks easy. Even if you remain offline, it still manages to ban, send a warning, and kick out members from the server.

The aforementioned features make Carl bot one of the top-rated discord moderation bot. It also has a premium plan. With the Carl Premium, you will get the feature of playing music on your server. So, this is an All-in-one packed bot that has almost all the things that you need to manage and make your community dispute and spam-free.

Now, we will discuss some of the best commands for the Carl Discord bot. So, let’s dive into the commands list.

Carl Bot Commands

Carl bot has a huge list of commands that can be used for every task. Some of the best commands to make full use of it are below.

  • !moderole: It helps you to assign a moderator role to any member you want.
  • !modonly: This command will help you create a command that can be only used by moderators.
  • !unmodonly: It helps you to delete the command that you have restricted for only used by moderators.
  • !modrole clear: With this command, you can delete the previously assigned role of moderator.
  • !greet welcome: Welcome new members with a custom message.
  • !log voicechannel: This command will help you to log and store everything of joining and leaving members in a voice chat.
  • !log ignore: Ignore the messages and events from a specified channel and members.
  • !setnick: Change the user’s nickname assigned by you.
  • !disable commands: It will help you to disable certain commands.
  • !enable commands: This will help you to enable the previously disabled commands.

So, the above is a set of commands for Carl bot that you can use to moderate, assign a role, greet new members and even log everything in the database. Now, you have to learn the installation process. After that you can invite Carl Bot to your Discord server.

How to Install Carl Bot for Discord

The installation process is too easy. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to make everything good for setting up Carl Bot in the Discord server.

1. Open your browser and go to Carl’s official website and click on the login button.

Carl bot login

2. Now login with your user ID and Password. After that select your server from a list and allow the permission you want to include it in its features.

3. After that click on the accept button verify the captcha and boom! Cal bot has been successfully installed on your server.

Now, you are good to go. You can also read their documentation to learn more about its features and commands. Set this bot as automod and make everything manageable.


Carl Bot is very popular for its moderation feature. It will really help you to save your precious time by making everything work automatically. You will get tons of features and also there are hundreds of commands that can give you even more power to perform the moderation task.