Dank Memer Bot for Discord: Commands Features and Guide

Dank memer bot
Dank memer bot

Discord has plenty of features that make it gain so much popularity. Some of the best features that Discord provides are chatting with your favourite person through voice calls as well as text chat. You can also share media files as well. But the feature has not been limited to this only. It also provides the opportunity for streaming games online and which is mostly loved by game-lovers.

But the original discord lacks some of the best notable features that are highly demanding from its users and that is Custom themes and add-on plugins. Discord only has two options to change the theme. The light and dark mode. But most of the discord users wants to apply some custom themes to give their server a new look.

And here Better Discord Application will help you. It is the best alternative of discord official and has all the features that are available in the original application. It also has some extended features as well including custom themes, skins and plugins options.

And for that, we have prepared an extensive guide on Best Discord Themes and Top Better Discord plugins along with the installation guide to help you to choose the best themes and plugins.

Now, we are coming to another best feature and that is the availability of discord bots. There are several bots for discord that can help you to ease your workload and make your community-engaged if you own a server. But despite having tons of discord bots, Dank Memer Bot remains at the top.

Dank Memer Bot is a multi-purpose bot that is developed for keeping your community engaged with the audience through different games. It has several features that make it popular among various discord games bots.

Let’s have a brief look at Discord Dank Memer Bot.

What is Dank Memer Bot

Dank Memer Bot is a multi-purpose discord bot. This bot has several games that can actually help you to keep your server engaged and fun. This bot is mostly loved by meme lovers because it jas the features to spice the conversation through memes.

However, you can also make your conversation more spicy and funny through TTS. Here is a list of the Best 20 Funny TTS Sounds that will help you to make your friends laugh. Memes and Funny sounds both will help you to increase the engagement of your Discord server.

This bot is packed will several features including memes chat, giveaway, currency exchange, random games, etc. This Discord bot will actually increase the engagement time of your community.

The most important feature of the Dank Memer bot is having a conversation with memes features, you can also create memes as well. It also comes with a premium plan that can provide you with some additional features.

The Dank Memer Bot comes with three pricing plans ranging from $2 to $10 per month. You can subscribe to any one of these plans to enjoy some premium features.

However, you can also try some music bot that also helps to make your server engaged. Some of the best music bots are Groovy Bot and Hydra Bot which has all the features you need for playing 24/7 with your favourite music.

Also, you can try moderator bots that can save your time and make your server free from spam and disputes by taking necessary action automatically. You can try Carl Bot or Dyno Bot, both of them are popular moderator bots for discord.

Now, we will discuss some of the best Dank Memer Bot features.

Dank Memer Bot Features

Dank Memer Bot has various features that make it so much popular. This bot has several outstanding features. Let’s have a look at some of its best features.

1. Memes

One of the prominent features that make this bot highly demanding is memes. There are thousands of pre-made memes that can be shared while having conversations. You can also create your own meme to share with your friends. Using memes in conversation can actually put some flavour on it. So, this feature must gonna amazed you.

2. Finding Random Animals

If you are an animal lover and want to have some cool pictures then the Dank Memer bot can actually help you in this also. You can find any random animals directly from the bot dashboard. There are certain commands for finding animals. You can find animals picture from different subreddits. So, must try this feature as well.

3. Games

Another amazing feature that is making this bot multi-purpose. You can play different games with your friends to hang out and this will also make the community more active and engaged. You will different games like Tic Tac Toe, Trivia Quiz games, Guessing games, etc.

The above are some cool features of the Dank Memer Bot. There are even many more features that you can get. So, just invite this bot to your server and enjoy all the features.

Now we will discuss some of the basic commands of the Dank Memer Bot that will help you to run this discord bot peacefully.

Dank Memer Bot Commands

There are various commands which you use in the Dank Memer bot to make your community more engaged and active. Some of the best commands of the this bot are below.

  • aww: This command will show you some random cute things.
  • hootyboi: It will show you some pictures of owls.
  • pupper: Shows you some cute dogs
  • balance: Check the balance of your own or someone else’s.
  • buy: This command will help you to buy some currency items from the shop.
  • gamble: With this command, you can gamble in this bot.
  • gift: This command will help you to share items with someone else
  • hunt: With this command, you can hunt for animals to sell in the shop.
  • audit: This command will help you to view the changes in Dank Memer bot configuration settings.
  • automeme: This command will set up a channel to post memes automatically every 5 minutes.
  • Disable: With this command, you can disable certain categories of command that you do not wish to use it in your server.
  • Enable: Opposite to disable command, you can enable the disabled categories of commands.
  • guess: Play guessing games.
  • tictactoe: Play the all-time favourite game, Tic Tac Toe on your server.
  • trivia: Answer the trivia questions to win some coins.
  • clap: Make the bot say everything with sass through the clapping command.
  • Imagine: Imagine something with this imagined command in Discord.

So, the above are some of the best commands that we find useful for beginners. You can find the list of all commands of Dank Memer Bot from the Official Command Page.

There might be a common problem of Dank Memer Bot becoming offline. But do not worry about it. Just reboot the device and try again. And if the offline Dank Memer bot problem continues, reach out to their support team. They will help you with this.

So, now we will discuss the installation process of the Dank Memer bot.

How to Set Up and Install Dank Memer Bot

The installation process is too simple. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to set up the bot on your server.

1. First of all, open your browser and go to the Official Dank Memer Bot Page and click on the Invite button.

Invite Dank Memer Bot

2. Now, log in with your ID and Password.

Log in with Id and Password

3. Then give the necessary permission and click on the “Add Bot to” button and select your server from the drop-down menu. After that click on the continue and authorize button to proceed further.

Add Dank Memer Bot to your server

4 Now, solve the captcha. That’s it, you have successfully invited this bot on your server.


This is one of the most popular multi-purpose bots that has been installed on more than 1.7 million servers. And this bot helps you to keep your server engaged and active.

As Dank Memer Bot is no longer supported to play music. Previously this bot had the feature to play music but the developer has discontinued this feature from this bot. So you can try the music bot as well.