What is Discord Canary and How to Install It in 2022

Discord Canary
Discord Canary

Discord is quite popular for providing various features including a VoIP platform for conversation, streaming features for gamers and moderation features for server owners. But that’s not sufficient, it is a well-known application that cares about its users and furnishes seamless features.

But before releasing a feature in the stable version, Discord allows testers to test out its features and share their feedback. With that received feedback, the developers then modify the feature and if they receive positive feedback they further enrol that feature in beta version and after that the stable version release.

Every software or application is released in alpha version and then after receiving positive reviews it releases Beta version and then after finalising everything it releases globally in the stable version.

The developers offer some testers to check the new features that will help them to fix loopholes and bugs before going into a stable version.

Discord Canary is also an Alpha version of the Discord application. It is the first version that received almost any features earlier. After Alpha Discord Canary, it was released in PTB (Public Test Build).

So, you might have got an idea about how developers launched the alpha version first for testing purposes and then they make it available globally for every user. Now, it’s time to know about Discord Canary.

Let’s have a look at it.

What is Discord Canary

Discord Canary is an Alpha version of the popular platform Discord. It is less stable than the PTB (Public Test Build) version and the Stable version. But it receives all the features that developers want to include in their PTB release. As Discord Canary is an Alpha release it contains several bugs and even it gets crashed most of the time.

It is actually for those people who want to test the latest features as a tester and provide feedback about those particular features to the developers so that they can fix them in their next release. Discord canary comes with an orange colour icon that is different from Stable Discord.

But it may also happen that in Canary release you can enjoy several features that may vanish in PTB and Stable release because of less stability or the developers could not fix the bug and that’s why they eliminate certain features in the stable version.

Now, if you didn’t understand about Discord PTB (Public Test Build) then below is a short explanation for you to know it even more better.

What is Discord Public Test Build (PTB)

Discord PTB is the second release version that comes after Discord Canary, which is an Alpha Version. So, when a new feature is launched it first appears in the alpha version and if everything works fine then the same feature comes in the Discord PTB release.

So, basically, it is also a beta version that may also contain bugs and loopholes but this version will be more stable than the Alpha release.

Then after testing those features in Discord Public Test Build and if every bug and loophole has been fixed then it will be available for every user in the Stable version. But if in any case, the developers could not fix any bug they will terminate that feature from the stable release.

So, now you have understood about Canary and Discord PTB. And now you want to know that it is safe to use or not.

Is Discord Canary Safe to use

Well, Discord Canary is fully safe to use because it is a part of the original Discord and not an alternative or modded version of Original Discord. So, you can trust this application and use it on the device.

But it is an alpha release so you cannot use this version for your general purpose. This version is especially for Tech-savvy people who love to test out new features earlier than most people.

You can enjoy the latest features earlier than the general public but cannot use them for your daily use. So it is recommended to only try Canary if you are a tester or tech-savvy.

Which Platforms are supported by Discord canary

As it is an alpha version of stable discord it is available for several devices. The list of devices are:

  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS

So, you can easily access this alpha release on any of the above-mentioned devices. You can also enjoy Discord Canary on the Web that means you do not have to download and install this version to utilize its features.

Discord Canary is also available for Mobile Devices. But on mobile devices, it is termed as Discord Alpha Program and by installing this you can have this alpha discord on your Android.

So, now you are wondering about how to install it? Don’t worry we have got your back and we will explain the steps for the installation guide.

How to Install Discord Canary

The installation process of this alpha version is very simple and easy. So, let’s have look at the steps below:

1. Open Your Browser on any device that you have or mentioned above and go to the Discord Canary Release page. Now, you will have to choose the OS in which you want to download it.

2. After Choosing the OS, just click on the download link mentioned there.

3. After downloading, install it in your Operating System and then open it on your device.

4. Now, you will get the login interface. Simply log in with your User Id and Password.

Login in Discord Canary

Congrats! You have learned the installation process of Discord Canary in Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, etc.

Now, there is another method by which you can use Discord Canary on the Web.

Want to know How?

Read further to know how to use it on the Web.

How to use Discord Canary in a Web Browser

Web features offer almost all the features that you can enjoy by installing the application but you cannot use the Constant push to talk voice feature. Otherwise, you will have almost the same features as the canary application.

Just follow the below-given steps to use Discord canary in Desktop mode:

1. Open your Browser and go to the official website of Alpha Canary Discord and click on the login button.

Click login on Discord Canary website

2. Now, you will have the option to enter your username and password.


3. Just enter your ID and Password and then you will be logged in into Discord canary from the web browser automatically.

This method is also too easy whether you are a techy person or not. You can easily use any of the above methods to use Discord Canary.


Discord Canary is very less stable than PTB and Stable Build and you will also experience several bugs and crashes while using it. So it is recommended to use this release only if you are a keen person and want to test features earlier for providing your feedback to developers.

It is an alpha build that is only for developers and testers for finding bugs so that they can fix them in the next release. So remember all the points before trying this Alpha build.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the difference between discord and discord canary?

Ans: Discord Canary is an Alpha release and has lots of bugs but in Discord, you will not face any bugs as it is a stable version.

2. Is PTB Better than Discord?

Ans: PTB is a Beta release of Discord and it might also have several bugs. So it is better to use Stable Discord for your daily use.

3. Is discord Canary allowed?

Ans: Yes, you can use Discord Canary as it is an early release of Discord itself.