How to Use Discord Spoiler Tag in Discord: A Detailed Guide

Discord has several features that make it prominent among most of the VoIP platforms. It lets you do several things including using bots, decorating text with a markdown system, etc. But Discord also launched one of the most demanding features that are constantly asked by users. The feature is Discord Spoiler Tag.

Spoiling a movie or series plot is a common problem that lots of user’s face while having a conversation on the server. And that is the reason Discord has released this feature to tackle these types of problems.

As Discord is getting fame by its users globally, it also releases features in the interval so that users can experience a new feature and make use of it.

Discord is not only popular among users who use this platform for getting connected with their favourite peoples but also among gamers. Discord allows gamers to stream their games online to have a better gaming experience.

So, let’s explore more about Discord Spoiler Tag and how it works.

How Discord Spoiler Tag works

Discord spoiler tags work by blacking out a text. When you put a spoiler tag it will hide the text and if someone wants to see that spoiler discord text then they simply have to click that text to reveal it.

In Images and videos, spoiler Discord makes it blur. And if you want to reveal it then you have to click on that blurred image to view it clearly.

After revealing the discord spoiler, if you leave the channel and then again come back to that channel, you again have to click on that text or media to reveal it because discord will again mark that as a spoiler after you left the channel.

So, this feature is one of the most amazing options in Discord and that’s how it works.

So, let’s know some methods by which you can put spoiler tags on text or images from a mobile or any kind of device.

Method 1 – How to Put Discord spoiler text using Windows or PC

This method does not work on mobile but it works well on devices like Windows and PC. This is the default feature which can be used with Windows and PC and for that, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Open your Discord application and write your message by going into any channel.

2. After writing your text, use the mouse and select the part of the text you want to put in the spoiler.

3. After selecting a bar will appear just above the selected text, and then you have to click the eye icon.

4. That’s it, your text will become a spoiler.

When you put a text in the spoiler there will have a two-bar (||) before and after the text that defines that your text has been put in a spoiler tag and will only reveal when someone clicks on that.

The marked text will be blacked out and there will show a black box instead of text. If someone wants to view the spoiler text then they simply have to click on that black box to reveal the text for reading.

Method 2 – How to Put Spoiler tag in discord in Mobile with Easiest Method

Well, this is also the easiest method by which you can put any text marked as a spoiler in discord. This method can be used as a universal method because you can put any text as a spoiler tag in mobile, iOS and even in Mac also.

This method works with the Discord Markdown Text system in which you just have to use syntax to mark any text and spoiler tag.

So, let’s have a look at this easiest method to put a Discord spoiler tag in mobile, iOS, Mac, etc.

1. Go to your Discord application from any device and then hover to any server. Now, write any text that you want to send as a spoiler.

2. After writing, just put (||) this two-bar (without bracket) before and after the text.

Discord spoiler tag syntax
  • For example, you have written a text like; Discord is a popular Application. And now you want to put popular Application as spoiler. Then simply add || these two bars before and the text. After that your text will look like: Discord is a ||popular Application||, and the popular Application will be put in spoiler.

3. Or, You can also use (/) this syntax code without brackets before any text to put that text on the spoiler.

Discord spoiler syntax
  • For example, You have written a text like: Discord is a Popular Application and you want to put the whole text in a spoiler tag. Then simply add (/) this code and your text will look like: /Discord is a popular Application.

That’s so easy because you just need to use any of the above Discord Markdown syntaxes to put any text in a spoiler tag.

How to Add Spoiler Tag on Image or Other Media

This method will only work on Windows, PC or Some other device type. But it will not work on Android, iOS or Mac. Not to worry, we will also share with you the method to use a spoiler tag in the image on Android and iOS.

Let’s discuss the steps to put an image in the spoiler tag.

1. Open Discord Chatbox and click on the (+) icon, then you will have the option to choose the file from your storage that you want to send as a spoiler.

2. Simply, choose the image or any media that you want to send as a spoiler.

3 After selecting the media, you will get an option saying “Mark as Spoiler,” simply tick on that box and then click on the send button.

Mark as spoiler

So, now we will learn the method by which we can send an Image marked as a spoiler on Android and iOS.

How to Add Discord Spoiler Image or Video in Mobile

Adding Spoiler tag on android or iOS is officially not available. But somehow, after researching we have found a guide that will help you to mark any media file as a spoiler in Mobile or iOS.

Let’s have a look at the steps below:

1. Open your File Manager and find the image or media that you want to send as a spoiler from Android or iOS.

2. After finding the file, you just have to rename it by adding (Spoiler_) this without brackets before the name of your image file.

Discord spoiler image on mobile
  • For example, you have an image file named as cute dog.jpeg and now you just have to add spoiler_ before the cute dog and your text will look like spoiler_cute dog.jpeg

3. Now, after renaming just save it and open your discord chat box and click on the (+) icon and select that file which you have renamed and send it.

There you go. You have learned all the possible methods that will help you to send any text or image in a spoiler tag from any device. Choose any method that feels easy and simple and enjoy the Spoiler Tag feature of Discord.


Discord spoiler tag has become very popular. By using a spoiler tag you can make your text and media safe. Only those people who want to view that spoiler content they have to click on it before viewing.

The best thing is that when you share any restricted content or any movie plot and you also want to make it visible only for those who are interested in that particular topic then the spoiler tag method will be very useful for you.