15+ Best Better Discord Themes For Discord Server in 2022

Discord theme
Discord theme

Are you curious to know about some best custom Discord Themes that you can try in your Better Discord app? If Yes, then bear with us, we will help you to change the look of your Discord server completely.

Discord is one of the most popular VoIP Platform that provides features to get connected with your friends and family globally. With Discord, you can have a voice call, text chat and even share media with your favourite ones.

It is also very popular among gamers for streaming their games online. Another feature of the Discord application is that it provides the feature to create a Discord Server that works like a community where members can join and have conversations, and other stuff.

But Discord Server has some limited features. For example, you cannot use Custom Discord Themes, Plugins, Skins, Add-ons, etc. So, to use these extended features which are very much important for any discord server, you have to shift to a Better Discord Application. And by using that you can try some best discord themes

Wondering, How? Let’s know more about it.

Well, you cannot change your theme in the official discord application and that’s the reason you have to use Better Discord Application. With the help of BetterDiscord, you can easily try out all the extended features that aren’t available on the original Discord.

In the original Discord application, there are only two options available for changing the theme. One is Light and the other is Dark. So, you can only shift from light to dark and vice versa.

We know that for making a Discord server stunning, you need some custom themes instead of light and dark ones because they look so casual and normal.

Don’t Know About Better Discord? Not to worry, we are here to explain that to you. Let’s read further.

What is Better Discord

Better Discord is one of the best alternatives to the Official Discord Application where you can get tons of features that aren’t available on the original one. BetterDiscord provides you premium features so that you can make your Discord server highly engageable with audiences.

It has the essential features that are required to change your server completely. However, Better Discord Violates the ToS of Discord and could lead to banning your account. But not to worry about that until you perform any suspicious activity.

We have self-tested Better Discord and it has been a year without any problem. So, you can use it but make sure not to download and try any themes and plugins outside of BandageBD because that is the reason, in most cases, that can lead to banning your account.

But if you follow our guide, your account will remain safe and secure. So, you might have got some basic ideas about Better Discord and now it’s time to know some Best Discord Themes.

But before that, you have to uninstall your Original Discord Application and have to install Better Discord. So, let’s have a look at the guide of Better Discord Installation.

How to Install Better Discord Application

Installing BetterDiscord is as easy as installing the original Discord application. So follow the below-mentioned steps to install BetterDiscord.

1. Open Your Browser and hover to BetterDiscord.app and click on the big download button.

2. After that, it will redirect you to the Github repositories page. Now, scroll a bit and select your operating system to download it.

3. After that, the download will begin. And after downloading just install it in your OS.

After doing the above steps make sure to restart the Discord application and then you will be able to see the change in your discord application.

So, it’s time to explore the Top 15 Discord Themes that will make your server stunning.

Best 15 Better Discord Themes

There are hundreds of themes available for Better Discord but we have selected the Top Discord themes for you so that you can give your server an eye-catchy look.

Let’s explore the Top Better Discord Themes.

1. Discord+ Theme

Discord+ is one of the most popular and high-rated discord themes that gives you an enormous amount of customization options. The theme has been developed while keeping a balance between its looks and performance. It has a polished look that makes it a unique discord theme among all.

It provides users with the ability to customise everything including backgrounds, icons, accent colours, etc. You will get a futuristic and techy look for your discord server. Recently, It has been downloaded by 70k users. And that is the reason we have placed it on the first position of our list.

2. Translucence Theme

Another top-rated BetterDiscord theme that is very much popular among users. It provides some best tweaking option which you can do with its CSS file and further modify it the way you want. It is a beautiful Discord theme that is loved by people who want their server to look simple and good-looking.

You can customise the opacity of the Translucence theme and even change the background wallpaper and colours of the icons. It makes you feel calm and will definitely win your heart with its amazing look. So, download the Translucence theme from below link.

3. Duality Theme

The duality Discord theme is well known because of its optimal and classy look. The elements on this discord theme have a pop-out effect that makes it an even more unique theme. You will get a black and white background image that is loved by dark lovers.

It has transparent shades that give a feeling of calmness. You will also get some modification options that you can perform to make it even better for your server. Overall you will love this theme because of its minimal views.

4. Opera GX Gaming Theme

You might have heard about Opera GX Browser. This theme is developed by getting inspired by that browser to provide you with the futuristic looks in your Discord Server. You will get a Red and Black colour combination in this discord theme and probably this theme will be considered as best for gaming lovers.

You will get a lot of customization options where you can further modify it as you want. So you should definitely have to try this BetterDiscord Theme.

5. Neutron Theme

Neutron themes have a modest look and it is mostly loved by people who want to keep their server look with minimal customization. It has been launched recently and already downloaded by 12k+ users.

It has a minimal look and comes with good tweaking options like background image, accent colour, icon size, etc. You can modify the CSS file to make it according to your desire. You can try this good discord theme on your server.

6. Fallout 4 Terminal Theme

Here comes the theme that is specially designed for tech-savvy. This theme will give the feel of anonymity with its matrix-like interface. This dark green colour discord theme is definitely worth a try.

You can also further customize it with a CSS file and tweak it the way you want this theme to look. It has a font of terminal command that makes it an even more attractive theme. This cool better Discord theme will change your discord server look completely.

7. Akame_Ga_Kill Theme

This theme is for those people who love manga series and want to create the same feeling in their discord server. This anime Discord theme will fulfil your wish to give your server an amazing look.

You will love this cute discord theme that comes with wallpaper from the manga series. It also has a red transparent background that makes it stunning. So you should definitely try this Anime Better discord theme.

8. T1 Theme

T1 Theme has come with a simple interface but it is a powerful theme that can change your server look completely with its peaceful and dark colour. It is mostly loved by black lovers and those who want simple discord themes.

It has a customization option which you can do by modifying its CSS file. You can the background image and colour and also there are some other tweaking options that you will surely like in this top better discord theme.

9. Pyrite Theme

Pyrite Discord theme will definitely be loved by you with its amazing features and looks. This theme is developed by combining a basic background and a clear vision theme. It is one of the most popular BandageBD Discord themes that is gaining popularity among users.

Pyrite theme has a calm background with lots of customization options which you will definitely love. It is an aesthetic discord theme with a sunset background that is definitely worth a try for its colourful look.

10. Elysia Theme

Elysia theme is an RGB Discord theme that has got a download count of 21k+ and that shows how much popularity it has gotten within a short period of time. It has a vast customization option for users to further modify it.

You will get an incredible look with this top better Discord theme. You can further change wallpaper, icon, accent colour, etc to make it attractive to your server.

11.  Wildberry Theme

Wildberry discord theme is another fantastic theme that is highly recommended by many users for its amazing colour. The berry colour look will make you amazed and make your server look calm and peaceful.

It has been launched recently but already crossed the download count of 20k+. You will also get a customization option that you can utilise to make this theme look cool on your discord server.

12. Spotify Discord Theme

If you are a Spotify lover and also want to implement the features and look of that in your discord then the Spotify Discord theme is for you. It is one of the most popular Discord themes that is loved by most Discord users.

With this, you can play Spotify songs on your discord server and show your friend about the song you are listening to. This Cool discord theme is specially developed for Spotify users who love to listen to their favourite songs but also want to get engaged in the discord server.

13. Slate Theme

The slate theme is a simple yet powerful theme that can attract almost any user with its dark colour. It has two both light and compact models that make it a more popular and high-rated discord theme.

It is extremely flexible and comes with tons of customization options. So, you should just go for this theme to make your server look extraordinary.

14. Not Another Anime Theme

As the name self-described, this theme is not another anime theme. It comes with a vast customization option packed within it. The background image will make your discord server look adorable and cute with its darkish-cloudy look.

You can further change its background image, icons, accent colours, and even many more by modifying the .CSS file of this better discord theme and give it the look you want.

15. Comfy Theme

You might want to give your discord server a comfy look. And here comes the Comfy theme that will give your server a comfortable look. It has a neat and clean interface that keeps everything organised on your server.

You can also customize this theme and change the background image, colour and icon as well so that you can give your server a delightful and cool look with this better discord theme.

So, now the list of Best 15 Discord themes has been completed and we have tried our best to provide the most top-rated Better Discord themes.

But now, you have to know the installation guide of these discord themes which you can learn by reading the steps below.

How to Install Discord Themes

You can easily install discord themes by following the below steps. So, let’s have a look at quick installation steps to install Better Discord themes.

1. Download the Theme from the above link or directly go to the BandageBD Theme Library website and download your desired theme from there.

2. Now, open the Better Discord application and click on the user setting icon located at the bottom of your screen.

3. Then find the Theme option under the BandageBD menu.

4. Now, click on the open theme folder and select the theme from your storage.

That’s so easy, right! Now restart your better discord application to enjoy the new look of your server.

As you have the list of all top better discord themes, just your favourite theme and apply it to your server to make it look different and unique.


Better Discord is getting fame by users for the features it provides. You can also try Discord plugins to make your server even more manageable and incredible. It provides extended features that aren’t included in the official version and that’s why it is getting much more popular among users.

So, try these cool discord themes that can make your server beautiful and amazing. Make sure to install a better discord application because you cannot try discord custom themes in original discord.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do you get themes on discord?

Ans: For getting Themes on Discord you can use a better Discord application and then you can easily get any custom themes on Discord

2. What are good Discord themes?

Ans: There are several good discord themes like Pyrite, Discord+, Duality, Spotify Theme, etc. Check more themes from the above list.

3. Is BetterDiscord safe?

Ans: Yes, it is completely safe if downloaded from the official BetterDiscord website.