Download 3D Texture Pack for Minecraft PE Free

Download 3D Texture Pack for Minecraft PE Free
Download 3D Texture Pack for Minecraft PE Free

Download 3D Texture Pack for Minecraft PE as this will make your game even more realistic and amazing.

What Does the 3D Texture Pack do in MCPE

The Minecraft PE game is not the most beautiful game ever created. However, several add-ons and various texture packs with glorious shaders turn this game into a graphical masterpiece.

Thus, many community activists worldwide are working on all sorts of textures and resource packs for this sandbox survival game. Thus we have such a wide variation of addons available to try.

The 3D Texture Pack is one of the most remarkable and notable illustrations of their work. Thanks to them, MCPE becomes unbelievably detailed and unique.

Sir 3D Textures

This Minecraft PE texture pack extends the boundaries of feasibility, making almost every game’s block look realistic.

According to the devs, this texture pack’s size is sixty-four by sixty-four pixels. It means the sandbox survival’s graphics increased at least four times from its current unit.

Ultimately, nearly all blocks represent the quality standard and look original. All of them have a 3D-like shape, which creates an illusion of depth making them feel realistic.

For example, a player can see little holes and roughness in planks. Even Minecraft PE game ores have changed as well. Scratches and other irregularities are quite visible now making it natural.

The majority of blocks finally feel real and amazing.

Starky 3D Textures

This MCPE texture pack is nearly the same as the previous one. Notwithstanding, there are a few significant differences that you can notice.

First of all, it’s twice the size of the previously mentioned one. It means Minecraft PE textures are now 128 by 128 pixels, making outstanding game graphics for players.

As a result, players will be able to see details six time

s as much as they did before. The tiniest sand particles, tree deviations, and other minor details are now clearly visible in the game.

Generally, MCPE looks more thriving than it ever did. For instance, a user can even see their bed blanket and pillows.

Obviously, these texture packs will be rather more demanding as you need a powerful device to play without inconveniences.

So, Download 3D Texture Pack for Minecraft PE and its features in the game.

3D Textures0.14.0 – 1.19.0Download Now
Starky 3D0.14.0 – 1.19.0Download Now