Download Backpack Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Backpack Mod for Minecraft PE
Download Backpack Mod for Minecraft PE

Backpack Mod is best for your long journey adventures. So, download backpack mod for Minecraft PE to carry bunches of loot on your long explorations in the game.

What does the Backpack Mod do in MCPE

Backpack especially helps users to carry lots of items in their long journey adventure. This backpack mod works as problem-solving for distant trips and often helps in storing lots of items. Whether you are on your journey of mining underground, discovering new dungeons or settlements, takes a lot of your inventory space and that’s where Backpack Mod in MCPE helps.

Now, you should no longer bother about the lack of space in your pockets.

Backpack Addon

This MCPE mod is one of the most innovative and comprehensive ones. According to the creator, his bags can do lots of different stuff others would never have imagined.

First of all, you can store anything from chicken eggs to dirt blocks. There are no limits when it comes to depositing items. Besides, players are capable of upgrading the cases any time they want it.

There are three capacities: small, average, and big.

However, the addon’s most remarkable aspect is the ability of knapsacks to contain any liquid in Minecraft PE. For example, hold a bucket of water or lava in your hands and look at the sack.

Afterwards, simply press the “Put away water/lava” button. So, it is not just a backpack, but simultaneously a barrel.

Obviously, you’ll be able to take the liquid out later.

Another exciting thing about this MCPE addon is how the security works. Typically, anyone would be able to open your bag, but if you put on a special belt, no one will.

Numerous Backpacks Mod

There is another Minecraft PE addon that works almost the same as the previous one but is a bit different. The prior addon added alive backpacks — they were actual entities in the game.

Nonetheless, bags are items this time. You can craft them using leather and any dye you want. Once made, open it and put anything you can.

Backpacks Addon0.14.0 – 1.18.0Download Now
Advanced Backpack Mod0.14.0 – 1.18.0Download Now