Download Blokkit Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Blokkit Mod for Minecraft PE
Download Blokkit Mod for Minecraft PE

Download blokkit mod for Minecraft PE to meet with cute creatures that will help the user in their game journey and will make your gaming experience amazing.

Blokkit Mod for MCPE

Blokkits are such cute creatures in Minecraft PE. They are blocks that have arms, legs, and even eyes. These blocks can even walk in the game.

They can also be tamed and interacted with. If the user gets bored with the usual mobs and gets in trouble in the game, this will definitely help him. With these creatures, the user will be able to diversify their survival in the game.

Blokkits Features

It is also worth noting that these mobs in Minecraft PE are hostile in the beginning, so they should be skeptical of it. It is worth addressing them only after taming. Small representatives of these creatures can have 6 hearts, and adults can possess 15.

On adults, the user can also ride after taming that helps a lot during long journeys. It should also be noted that when a user kills a blokkit, it drops a spawn egg. By doing this, it can quickly move this mob to another location.

How Does Blokkit Mod in Minecraft PE Work

Blokkit mod in Minecraft PE replaces the villagers. Therefore, if the player comes to the village, he will no longer see the inhabitants and Instead, they can see small and cute mobs walking here and there.

There can be little as well as adult blokkit. However, Little ones cannot be tamed. To do this, a player needs to wait for a certain time for them to grow.

However, you can also accelerate their growing process in Minecraft PE. And for this, you need to pick up an apple and hold the cursor on the mob and after that, they will eat the apple and eventually become an adult.

Taming Blokkits

As cited earlier, in Minecraft PE, the player has the ability to tame blokkits. In order to do this, a player needs to use either ordinary apples or golden apples. After that, this mob will constantly follow the player and help him during their journey.

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