Download Cape Mod for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Cape Mod for Minecraft PE
Download Cape Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Cape Mod for Minecraft PE in order to make the game process more interesting by wearing unique capes, changing the texture, and trying different prints within the game

Cape Mod for MCPE

If you want to wear a cape in Minecraft PE, just download these add-ons. The developers created different capes; some of them are custom, and others replace some items in the game.

Wearable Cape Banners

If you want to wear a cape in Minecraft PE then this mod brings colored banners, which users can wear. A player can also create these banners or find them in this cubic world.

By the way, it’s possible to dye the banner using one of 41 prints within the game.

Users can’t use the cape on servers but can play on a multiplayer world with this mod installed.

How Does it Work

The cape looks like a banner in the Minecraft PE game but can be put on after crafting. You need 3 strings, 1 white banner, and a leather chest plate for creating it.

Just place it on the floor and walk up to a cape to put it on.

To dye the cape, you just have to press it and hold it with dye. A player can also choose one of 35 colors and patterns.

Try different materials such as cactus, creeper skull, quartz, and many others in the game with this mod pack.

For instance, to create a bamboo cape, you can use bamboo.

There are some funny types also like a cape with birthday cake, Spiderman cape, TNT cape, Ghost cape, and even YouTube cape.

A player can also create a despawn stick. This item can be used to remove a cape from the cubic world. Right-click makes the cape disappear from the game.

If it’s hard for you to find all the items for crafting, you can also use the command “/function cape_items” and with this, you will receive all the items to change the texture.

New Cape

This mod for Minecraft PE brings several custom capes and elytra within the game. A user can use different textures for their cape. The resource pack has more than 50 types of capes available with this add-on.

The developers have also created two types of animation for the item, so it looks more realistic and cool.

Wearable Cape Banners1.11.0 – 1.19.0Download Now
New Cape1.16.0 – 1.19.0Download Now