Download Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft PE Free
Download Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Comes Alive Mod for Minecraft PE as it has got entirely overhauled settlements and their inhabitants in the game.

Comes Alive MCPE Mod Features

Despite the Village & Pillage update, many Minecraft PE users are still not satisfied with the towns they have.

Players want to have brand new behavior, design, and possibilities. Therefore Comes Alive was created just to bring a completely new experience to the game.

Now, sandbox players will be able to create families, procreate, and live a simple life in the game.

It means everyone will profit from it as the settlements themselves have changed as well in the MCPE game.


First of all, users will get to choose their gender. Unfortunately for someone, a player can be either a man or a woman.

Afterwards, a user is to determine who they love. Luckily, they are free to choose anyone they like. Besides this, there is an opportunity to pick them both in Minecraft PE.

Now, a player will have to type their name. It doesn’t impact anything, but it is their chance to be unique.

Destiny and Origins

There is also a choice to be made in this MCPE add-on pack. It appears you’ll have to arrange your past, and it’s quite necessary for this sandbox game.

There is a lot at stake as your choice will affect your future life. A player can pick from four different options.

I have a family” will spawn you in a house with a wife and a random number of children within the game. “I live alone” will supply you with a little hut and no relationship at all.

Minecraft PE users can also become real villagers and for that the “I live in a village” will do it.

Also, a user can choose “None of these” and spawn typically normal. A player can still find the love of their life in the towns.


The villagers themselves changed A bit. It turns out you can now interact with them in a completely new way.

This MCPE Mod allows you to make them follow you, trade at more proficient prices and even set homes with you. It means you can take them with you on your adventures.

Also, inhabitants are now clever enough to marry one.

Comes Alive Mod0.14.0 – 1.19.0Download Now