Download Cute Mob Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Cute Mob Mod for Minecraft PE Free
Download Cute Mob Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Cute Mob Mod for Minecraft PE and start playing this cubic survival game with cute anime girls.

Cute Mob Mod for MCPE

During survival in Minecraft PE, the user is faced with a variety of creatures. It can be both peaceful and hostile mobs that are often trying to kill the players.

The classifications of almost all of these creatures have not changed over the years.

Only those that have appeared quite recently can become new for the Minecraft user. With cute mob mods, it will be possible to expand the variety of the game.

Most of the creatures will be replaced in the anime girls from the AT2 art within the game.


This cute mob mod for Minecraft PE is a bit obsolete. However, its advantage is that it supports more versions of the game.

On the first spawn, after activating the modification, the user will not notice anything unusual from the beginning.

Over time, during survival, it will become clear that not all the mobs transform and become anime girls. There is one problem here in the Minecraft PE game.

It consists of the fact that both peaceful and hostile creatures have changed. This means that it will be challenging first to recognize the enemy and react to him in time otherwise the hostile will attack the player

Thus, for example, a user can get to the creeper and realize it only after the explosion. Therefore, it is recommended that you should first familiarize yourself with all the new textures in the Creative mode.


This cute mob mod is no different from the old version. It is only an update of the previous version. But one interesting difference is the appearance of a new mob in Minecraft PE.

And this creature is called the sister of the ghast in the game. She’s cute, but she looks pretty dangerous and is flaming with fire.

Sister ghast has 20 health points in the game. When attacking, she uses ghost fireballs and attacks only the user.

At the same time, this mob appears in an entirely random way. Otherwise, this modification is totally identical to its old version.

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