How to Download Someone’s Discord Profile Pictures in 2022

Download Discord Profile pictures
Download Discord Profile pictures

Discord is a growing VoIP platform that has millions of users. With its growing popularity, it also has several interesting features. Some of the best features that make it more prominent among other VoIP platforms are it has the functionality to add custom bots that can help in managing discord servers.

Some of the best music bots that can help you to keep your community alive are Groovy and Hydra Bot. These two bots come with a feature to play any track directly from the third source in the discord server. You can even try some moderating bots like Carl and Dyno Bot that will help you to keep your server spam free and strict.

But there are some features that still aren’t officially available on Discord. Some of them are: applying custom themes and plugins, downloading someone’s discord profile picture, etc.

However, you can use the Better Discord Application which is an alternative to Discord that has all the features of discord and also has some additional features like using custom themes, skins, backgrounds and plugins.

For detailed instructions, you can check our guide of Best Discord Themes and Top Discord Plugins along with their installation process.

Now coming to the next feature that is also not available in official discord is download someone’s discord avatar.

So, we have prepared this guide to help you to download any user’s discord profile pictures.

It is obvious that most of them like each other’s discord profile picture and wanted to have the same pfp for their discord but there is no direct way where you can download someone’s profile picture.

If you want to have the best collection of cool discord avatars then you can check out our guide on Top 20 Discord Profile Pictures where you will find the top trending discord avatars to give your profile a stand-alone look.

But if you want to download someone’s discord avatar then read further to know some of the best methods to download discord pfp of someone else.

There are two methods for downloading discord pfp. One is the inspection method and another one is direct downloading from a third-party source.

Let’s have a look at the inspection.

How to Download Discord Profile Pictures of Someone Else

To download through the inspection method follow the below steps.

1.  Open your Desktop or Windows and log in to the Official Discord website with your User ID and Password

2. Now, click on the user’s profile of whom you want to download the pfp and then press ctrl+shift+i from your keyboard.

3. After that you will have an inspection window opened right in front of your computer.

Download discord profile picture through inspection

4. Now, click on the square box with the arrow icon located at the top left corner until the img src tag appears.

5. Then simply copy the URL  highlighted in the below image and paste it into the browser.

6. At last change the resolution of the image with size=1024 to download the picture in higher resolution and quality.

By default, the size in the URL remains like this .png?size=128, and you have to replace the 128 value with 1024 to get the highest resolution picture.

Now, simply right click on the image to save it on your Desktop or Windows. Congrats, you have successfully downloaded someone’s discord profile picture in the highest quality and resolution.

So, we will now discuss the other method that is one of the easiest ways to download someone’s discord profile picture on Mobile, iOS or Windows.

How to Download Discord Profile Picture in Any Device

This method will be super easy as you do not have to do any technical work. You just need to use a third-party website that offers the features to download discord profile pictures on mobile, iOS or any type of device. Just follow the below-given steps.

1. First of all open your device in which you have discord and log in with your user ID and Password.

2. Now go to the Setting > Appearance > Developer mode, just turn on the developer mode from there.

Turn on developer mode

3. Then go to any user’s profile of whom you want to download the discord avatar and scroll down a bit and find the “Developer Mode,” under developer mode, you will find the option to “Copy ID.” Just copy it from there.

Copy Id

4. Now, open any browser and go to and paste the copied id and click on the “Lookup” button

Download discord profile pictures through discord id

Or, alternatively, you can also go to website that offers the same functionality to download the discord pfp.

Download discord profile pictures with discordzoom

5. Then you will be presented with the pfp, simply download it and that’s it.

The above method is too easy and pretty straightforward. You can easily download your favourite discord profile picture in a high resolution on devices like Android, iOS l, Windows, Mac, etc.

Discord offers various features and if you are a techy person, you can go with Discord Canary, which is an Alpha version. With Discord Canary, you will get access to new features earlier than most people. But the Alpha Discord is not stable; so you cannot use it on a daily basis because you might experience crashes and bugs.


As discord does not have the option to download discord avatar directly, the above methods will help you out to get your favourite pfp. You can download discord avatars on any device by using the second method i.e, using a third-party site.

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