Download Doom Mod for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Doom Mod for Minecraft PE for Free
Download Doom Mod for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Doom Mod for Minecraft PE and visit Hell and try to survive in this dangerous place full of creepy monsters with this pack.

Doom Mod for MCPE

There are many mods for the Minecraft PE game that add characters from popular games. Of course, it was unbelievable to ignore such a famous shooter as Doom.

A player can feel the creepy atmosphere in the cubic world after downloading and installing this add-on to the game.

The developer created familiar monsters and improved the locations of the game world by adding more dark colors and textures. The Doom mod will make you feel like you are in Hell.


Players will meet ten inhabitants of Hell who can appear anywhere in the game. Each monster has unique abilities and power in the Minecraft PE game.

For instance, the Hunter demon hunts players in the Nether.

A player can also meet the Hell Baron, the Archers, and other dangerous creatures. Some of them have unusual and creepy looks. For instance, the Arachnotron has many legs and looks like a spider.

Several demons from Doom can also fly, such as Cacodemon or Pain Elemental. So, users should also have to be ready for an air attack.


The Doom mod changes Minecraft PE areas like deserts and savannas to become incredibly hot. This climate can harm users, so it’s better to avoid these areas.

Snowy biomes look the same but don’t think to relax there because hellish monsters can roam nearby.


Users can meet several bosses in the Minecraft PE game. The most dangerous Doom characters are the Gladiator, the Icon of Sin, and the Warriors giving you the real adventurous feel in the game

Weapons and Items

The Doom mod brings new elements to Minecraft PE. A user can find several types of firearms including a chain pistol and a super shotgun with this pack.

Some melee weapons for fights are also added to the game like a chainsaw and an assassin’s blade. Users will also receive additional armor.

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