Download Dragon Mounts 2 Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Dragon Mounts 2 Mod for Minecraft PE Free
Download Dragon Mounts 2 Mod for Minecraft PE Free

Download Dragon Mounts 2 Mod for Minecraft PE and visit paradise, meet new creatures there and use the new armor within the game with the help of this add-on.

Dragon Mounts 2 Mod for MCPE

Dragon Mounts 2 is a well-known modification for the Minecraft PE game. It adds a large number of different creatures to the game. The bulk of new mobs in this mod are dragons.

In addition to dragons, the user can also meet new items, including armor which is made of dragon scales. Also, it is worth noting the presence of paradise and a portal through which a player can get into this dimension.


In the Dragon Mounts 2 for Minecraft PE mod, the user can go to heaven. To do this, he needs to make a portal in the game. To build a portal, he needs to craft it on a workbench from eight glowing stones and one bucket of water.

After that, it remains only to install the object on the ground and just go into the portal to reach paradise.


Each world in Minecraft PE in the Dragon Mounts 2 mod has its own unique and unusual dragons. For instance, in the nether world, the user may encounter a nether dragon.

He is too powerful and breathes fire. It deals 20 points of damage when attacking, so a player should be very careful to fight with it.

It is best to use a ranged weapon for them. In addition to the harsh one, this modification adds dragons to the normal world too.

One such creature in the Minecraft PE game is the fire dragon. He has 50 health and does only five points of damage. You can meet this mob in the high mountains.


The Dragon Mounts 2 mod adds other creatures too in Minecraft PE. You can even witness the flying cow and the pig.

It is enough to install a seat on them to pick up and fly. There are also special types of creeper, slug, and phantom in the game now.

New Items

In addition to new creatures, there are also new items in the Dragon Mounts 2 add-on pack. One of these items is special scissors, which are created from two diamonds.

With these scissors, the user can get scales from dragons. And with the help of this scale, he can make special armor.

Dragon Mounts 21.12.0 – 1.19.0Download Now