Download Dropper Maps for Minecraft PE Free

Download Dropper Maps for Minecraft PE
Download Dropper Maps for Minecraft PE

Download dropper maps for Minecraft PE as it has engaging minigames with tons of different locations and challenges in the game with this pack.

What is a Dropper Map in Minecraft PE

The dropper is one of the most recognizable, fascinating, popular minigames in Minecraft PE. Its rules are quite easy, but the gameplay is genuinely pleasant and interesting.

All a player needs to do is to fall. However, there are going to be a lot of barriers on your way down the water. Levels will get more tricky to beat each time you complete one.

Usually, this MCPE minigame will definitely persuade you and your friends as you can even play it online with your friends.

Absolutely Normal Dropper Map

This Minecraft PE dropper map features a few levels with special features like individual effects on each one of them. For instance, on some of these levels, you will be poisoned or have nausea in the game.

They will precisely make it harder to complete as the clear sight is one of the most important components needed to succeed in dropper maps with this pack.

However, there are only three levels on this MCPE map mod pack.

King of Dropper

This dropper is more difficult compared to the previous one. First of all, a player will have to complete twelve different levels and have fun. All of them are incredibly cozy and smooth with a great texture in Minecraft PE.

The rainbow level will make any player happy, the nether and frozen ones will give you creeps.  Lastly, a player will have lots of things to explore as they can even find some easter eggs.

Water Dropper

Probably, this MCPE dropper is the most extraordinary and interesting you could find on the Web. Usually, the gameplay starts with – a player falling in a hole and trying to hit the water on the bottom of the tube-like map.

Though, this location is totally distinct when it comes to those mechanics. A player will basically fall in water. It’s basically connected to the Update Aquatic.

Absolutely Normal Dropper Map0.14.0 – 1.17.0Download Now
King of Dropper0.14.0 – 1.17.0Download Now
Water Dropper0.14.0 – 1.17.0Download Now