Download Floor is Lava Map for Minecraft PE Free

Download Floor is Lava Map for Minecraft PE
Download Floor is Lava Map for Minecraft PE

Download floor is lava map for Minecraft PE, and challenge yourself by avoiding falling into the lava so as not to burn up in it.

What is Floor is a Lava Map for MCPE

You might have heard about Floor is Lava as it is one of the most playable popular mini-game. The gameplay of this game is in an ordinary room where the floor is made of lava. The user’s main task is that he must get to a certain point or collect all the Easter eggs.

At the same time, he should never touch the lava, otherwise, he will immediately burn out completely. Now you can play this game in Minecraft PE by downloading special maps for this.


This floor is a lava map for Minecraft PE that is definitely a game that should be enjoyed more while playing with friends. At first, the player appears in a regular room to get all the essential information. Then the player has to press the button to start, after that the user is teleported to the first level. That level will be a living room.

After that, a ten-second countdown timer will begin and ultimately turn the floor of the living room in a lava. The player has to get to the next level without falling into the lava. In addition to passing the level, the user will also have to find nether stars. There will be a total of five nether in total.

Hard Edition

On this floor is a lava map, the player will arrive at the beginning of a long tunnel. Users have to face lots of difficulties like Glass will block their path, also have to perform parkour, and many more challenges are there for the player.

It is enough to move toward this glass for it to disappear, and the game starts. The player will have to go through relatively long parkour in Minecraft PE.

And if the player falls, then he will fall into lava and burn to ashes. After that, he will again start his journey from the beginning of the tunnel at, where he appeared at the first time.


You can find some difference between the floor in lava map and others because it has a small storyline. In this floor is a lava map, the player has to escape from the house, go through large parkour, and get into a helicopter to flee from this area. There are six different levels on this map. Each level has its own checkpoint and challenges.

Name VersionFile
Parkour1.1.0 – 1.18.12Download Now
Hard Edition1.16.0 – 1.18.12Download Now
House1.16.0 – 1.18.12Download Now