Download Friend Mod for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Friend Mod for Minecraft PE for Free
Download Friend Mod for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Friend Mod for Minecraft PE and make a new friend on your journey to never feel lonely during your survival gameplay.

Friend Mod for MCPE

During survival mode in Minecraft PE, the user has to face so many different challenges. It can be boring as well as difficult to overcome all these deserted feelings.

In this mod, a player can add friends to the game which can be an excellent solution. And you don’t even need to open the server for that in the game.

How Do I Get a Friend

After activating the Friend Mod for Minecraft PE, a player needs to go to the Creative inventory. After that, he needs to go downstairs, where the spawn eggs are located, and there he will find six new characters.

Of the six characters, three are boys, and the remaining three are girls. You can also pick any of the new items, tap on the ground, and the character will appear in front of you.

After that, the NPC will walk around the world. But this character is not yet a friend of the player in the Minecraft PE game.

To do this, you first need to tame it with the help of cookies. By the way, a user can get cookies from a villager in the village for emeralds.

How to Tame a Friend

In order to tame a friend in Minecraft PE, the player will need to use cookies. It is worth noting that sometimes it may take many cookies for a character to become a friend of the player.

After that, that NPC character will help the player in every situation just like a real friend. These NPCs can attack zombies, skeletons, and creepers to protect the player.

Features of Friends Mod in Minecraft PE

First of all, it’s worth noting that these new characters can ride in Minecraft PE. But this can only be done before taming. Also, friends can be called by different names. To do this, you need to use the tag in the game.

A user can find it in various treasuries, buy it from a resident librarian, or get it while fishing in the game.

Then rename the anvil tag for its name. It should be noted that the text can be colored also.

Then the last thing that remains is to use the tag in Minecraft PE on the NPC to name him.

Friend Mod1.8.0 – 1.19.0Download Now