Download Islands of Eden Map for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Islands of Eden Map for Minecraft PE for Free
Download Islands of Eden Map for Minecraft PE for Free

Download Islands of Eden Map for Minecraft PE and discover all the wool blocks together with your friends to fully complete the wool monument.

Islands of Eden map for MCPE

In Minecraft PE, the user has to overcome several difficulties and survive constantly. Despite the huge number of different possibilities, it can be boring at some point in time.

In this case, the users swing survival cards. They allow you to diversify your survival, adding new and interesting challenges to the game. Islands of Eden is one such map that you can try.

What is Special About the Islands of Eden Map

On this map for Minecraft PE, the user will have to go through all the tests on the islands. And these islands are high in the sky so survival will be quite hard.

Also, the players have one more task and that is to explore all the islands on the map. You have to be very careful and not miss the easter eggs and the dev’s secrets.

There are also blocks of wool hidden on these islands in the game. The main task on the Islands of Eden map is to find these blocks.

After the user finds all the necessary wool blocks, he needs to return to the starting point of the island. It is from here that he can teleport to the monument to complete its construction in the game.

Special Islands

Among the normal islands in the Islands of Eden map in Minecraft PE, the user can come across unusual islands.

For instance, a large spider-shaped island. To find wool, it is necessary to stumble through a large number of cobwebs in the game. At the end of the path, there lies a chest with a block of wool.

Another such unique island is Big Sheep. As the name of the island suggests, it is shaped like a sheep in the game.

Inside this, the player expects small and fairly light parkour. After finishing it, the user will be able to get another block of wool.

A player can also note the island, which consists entirely of water. Here he needs to dive down as quickly as possible to take the wool in the game.

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