Download Minecraft PE 0.13.2 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 0.13.2
Download Minecraft PE 0.13.2

Download Minecraft PE 0.13.2 for Android as it has got new blocks and items also updated world generation, and mob changes following this update in the game.

What’s New in Minecraft PE 0.13.2

Mojang devs now have decided to add a huge amount of new different elements in the game. In Minecraft 0.13.2 version, sounds of animals such as cows, pigs, silverfish, and even chickens occurred.

Further, in this version, users will be able to buy a set of skins, “Biome Settlers”. In addition to this, players can even find both new particles and many blocks associated with the Redstone within the game.

Therefore, players of Minecraft PE 0.13.2 version received so many different things that everyone will definitely find something interesting.

The developers have not skipped about performance either. They have fixed a large number of various silly bugs, which will make the game more stable now.

Blocks and Items

One of the main features of the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.2 version is the large number of blocks that users can utilize to build something amazing in the game.

However, most of them are related to the Redstone. For instance, lamps, red torches, levers, and daylight sensors have got their place in Minecraft PE 0.13.2 update.

The player can even see buttons, push rails, trap chests, and even tension gauges.

The last block is utilized to create a stretch. By connecting these blocks with a thread from a killed spider, the user can build a small trap.


The appearance of the Minecraft World in version 0.13.2 has also changed a bit. Deserts now create two new structures in the game.

The well now appears by chance in the world but does not carry anything useful in the game.

And there is also a second structure, the pyramid, which will frequently appear in Minecraft 0.13.2 version, and contains some secrets. There a user can find chests with a lot of useful items.

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