Download Minecraft PE 0.15.0 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.0
Download Minecraft PE 0.15.0

Download Minecraft PE 0.15.0 Friendly Update for free on Android as it has got pistons, horses, leads, name tags, and many more.

Features of MCPE 0.15.0

Mojang Studios developers have seamlessly worked on bringing its next major update for the beloved sandbox survival game. Minecraft PE 0.15.0 version features a lot of unique features with transportation systems and many more things.


Redstone engineers are finally pleased as pistons have made it to the game. This trickster-looking thing is a very handy tool in reality as well as game

It appears that most intelligent users will be able to move blocks wirelessly. All they need is some extra Redstone in MCPE 0.15.0 version.

However, it’s not as easy as you think. There are generally two types of pistons. An ordinary pistons can push the block ahead of it.

On the other hand, a sticky piston can push and pull the block back in both directions. It’s a handy contraption to have when any player mostly builds something reusable like gates or a door.

Minecraft PE 0.15.0 version players are free to assemble it out of wooden planks, an iron ingot, and cobblestone in the game.


This vast update also has a carrot on a stick, and it is actually a tool that a player can mount and ride pigs henceforward. Further, sheep now drop mutton when they are killed in the game.

On the contrary, a fire charge can be found in the Nether fortresses of MCPE 0.15.0 version. A user can also craft it by themselves. As there are horses in the game, there has to be horse armor as well.

Besides this, the best way to keep an eye on your loved animal is with a lead. A player can tie them up to a fence. Similarly, players are likewise able to give them names.

Also, a name tag generates randomly in chests throughout the updated world of Minecraft PE 0.15.0 version.

A player can find lead there too, but one can also craft it with slime balls and strings in the game.

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