Download Minecraft PE 0.2.0 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 0.2.0 Apk for Free
Download Minecraft PE 0.2.0 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 0.2.0 for Android to meet new opponents and friendly mobs following this update in the game.

What’s New in Minecraft PE 0.2.0

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.2.0 version is one of the most important versions that is included in the list of alpha updates of this blocky game.

The main improvement is that the game finally has different game modes. Players will receive two unique platforms. One of which allows game players to engage in creativity, and the other provides difficult conditions for survival.

In addition, a day and night cycle has been added to the world, thanks to which a day will appear in the blocked world now. Therefore, the journey will be accompanied by a smooth change of time, sunsets, and sunrises making it look real.

The Mojang developers also presented the possibility of revival. This means that in the popular sandbox, Steve can be damaged, which considerably increases the complexity of the game.

All blocks are still accessible in the inventory, users can use them an infinite number of times.


Now zombies will walk around the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.2.0 version world. This is a special undead that appears on the location only after the sunset in the game. The dead are damaged, but their health is still greater than that of the main player.

As soon as the sun rises, all the zombies will start burning to ashes. And soon they will disappear completely, leaving behind a loot of rotten flesh in the game

Mobs are hostile towards Steve and will pursue him until dawn arrives. A game character should always remember that zombies always appear in huge groups, which is why it is quite difficult to escape from them in the game.


Animals in Minecraft PE 0.2.0 version include pigs and sheep. These are also mobs, only more friendly and peaceful. The characters just walk around the location for now.

The user can use the heroes to get some resources, such as wool and meat in the game.


The main component of the second version of the game is the mode’s appearance. In Minecraft PE 0.2.0 version, a player can now choose his own platform for further play like survival or creativity.

In creative mode, the player will be invulnerable to any damage, and in survival, he will have a health indicator in the game.

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