Download Minecraft PE 0.2.1 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 0.2.1
Download Minecraft PE 0.2.1

Download Minecraft PE 0.2.1 for Android and try new mechanics of interacting with the blocked word, meet amazing creatures, use new building blocks, and much more.

What’s Newly Added to Minecraft PE 0.2.1

With the update of 0.2.1, players will get 2 game modes. One is survival and another one is created. In survival mode, the player can die, the main goal of the game is mining blocks, hunting, and food extraction.

In Creativity mode, all objects are infinite and available at once, it is impossible to die and blocks can break quickly.


In the creative mode of Minecraft PE 0.2.1, the player has the opportunity to utilise a new block called a bookshelf. As it is only a decorative block, it does not have any functionality.

Equipment or Tools

The developer has also introduced some of the new tools in this version. Among them, a Minecraft PE 0.2.1 version player can find stone picks, swords, axes, etc.

These tools help the player in their Minecraft journey. Scissors tool can also be used for destroying foliage and shearing sheep appeared in the game.


Mobs are also interesting characters that Mojang team developers introduced in some of their updates. Some mobs that have appeared in this version are Sheep, Pigs, Zombies, etc.

A Minecraft player can summon mobs in creative game mode or discover them in survival mode while walking or travelling around the world.

And if you want to discover Sheep and pigs, you can find them in the blocked world that lives on the surface during the day, but zombies attack them at night, so you cannot find them in the dark.

Creating the World

In Minecraft PE 0.2.1, the player can select the mode for generating the world. An alternative control scheme for large-screen tablets has also been added in this update. And the Mojang team developers have also fixed some errors in which the game crashes on some devices.

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