Download Minecraft PE 1.0.9 Apk on Android for Free

Download Minecraft PE 1.0.9
Download Minecraft PE 1.0.9

Download Minecraft PE 1.0.9 Ender Update for free on Android as it has got several spectacular blocks and fabulous new dimensions along with the final boss.

What’s New in MCPE 1.0.9

The Ender Update has got new blocks as well as a complicated battle that every user must face at the end of their playthrough.

The Ender Dragon yields enormous power in the game, but there’s always hope to fight it in Minecraft PE 1.0.9 version. However, a player must prepare first before they go into the battle with the beast Dragon.

Ender Dragon

This intense and all-mighty creature dwells in between the few obsidian towers in the End city, where it stores its power and anger.

MCPE 1.0.9 version has taken the gaming experience to a new level with Ender Dragon. A player can stand against it once they use their Eyes of Ender which is made of blaze powder and freshly added Ender Pearls.

A player must wear the most delicate and most powerful gear that they have ever crafted. The Ender Dragon does a lot of damage and sometimes they even shoot fireballs at players damaging a lot of HP.

Those shots just radiate Dragon’s Breath, a vague liquid whose origins are yet unknown for all.

Ender Dragon’s Breath is a strange and yet vital alchemical ingredient used to make lingering potions in the game. They are somehow identical to splashing ones but do not disappear as fast as the latter do in the game.

When you slew this game’s final boss, a player can grab its egg. It will be atop the bedrock monument in the middle of the main island in the game.


End Cities are made of an excess of new blocks, seemingly. Purple blocks are the common material that is used in buildings. A user can mine tons of it for their own purposes.

Minecraft PE 1.0.9 version also has an Ender chest in which a player puts an item in one trunk, it will show up in another chest.

Technically, we can say that it is one storage that you can access throughout different places in the game making it a portable chest that you can access anywhere.

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