Download Minecraft PE 1.1.1 Apk for Free on Android

Download Minecraft PE 1.1.1
Download Minecraft PE 1.1.1

Download Minecraft PE 1.1.1 Discovery Update for free on Android as it has got Vindicators and Evokers, Vexes and Polar Bears, concrete powder, and other blocks within the game following this update.

What’s New in MCPE 1.1.1

Developers of Mojang Studios introduced a whole new dungeon hidden in the dark woods of the Minecraft PE 1.1.1 version. This place has a lot of exhilarating stuff to explore by the player in the game.

For example, there are already a few hostile mobs ready to slaughter players in the Minecraft world. Also, a player can find some secret chambers with hidden chests full of epic loot in the game.


As this update has “Discovery” in its title, there are many more changes that will help you to explore stuff and travel worldwide in the game.

A player can also get those in villages across the Overworld in MCPE 1.1.1 version. Cartographer is also new villager employment that masters maps and exploration in the game. Players should trade with him if they need empty maps, compasses, and other items within the game.

Usually, they sell plans with different destinations that range from Underwater Temple to Woodland Mansion.

Mojang devs have even added an off-hand slot, so a user could place maps or arrows there in the game. It’s the left arm in Minecraft PE 1.1.1 version.


As this update is focused more on a new area in the Dark Forest, a player can even witness some neutral and cute mobs. Highland llamas are now a part of the MCPE 1.1.1 version.

They usually have some unique features. Firstly, a player can collect a whole caravan of dozens of llamas. All they need to do is to tame a few of them in the game.

Besides this, a user can also put on some carpets, so llamas look different and remarkable. Also, players must use a lead on one of the beasts, and others will follow him immediately.

Furthermore, you can find some chests that could bear your belongings in Minecraft PE 1.1.1.

The amount of available slots depends on each llama’s strength unit in the game that varies from one another.

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