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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it has got a lot of minor improvements, new blocks functionality, and raids.

What’s New in MCPE

Mojang developers continue to add new elements from the latest Village and Pillage update. Improved raids, new commands, and changes to the blocks have become new features in Minecraft version.

For instance, fletching tables, smithing stands, and sweet berry bushes are no longer limited through the Experimental gameplay. It means a user can play with them freely.

The majority of elements have been enhanced for the players’ sake in MCPE version.


Mojang Devs have solemnly announced the Village & Pillage renewal at Minecon 2018, where a user had no idea what they were missing. It appears that Mojang Studios has been secretly working on dozens of new blocks in the game.

Minecraft PE version receives some of them. For example, there is a new container in the game that is known as a barrel. A player can store things there, but villagers use it to become a fisherman in the game.

Further, blast furnaces, stonecutters, smokers, and composters are finally out with their full functionality in the game. MCPE version has also introduced working abilities to cartography tables with grindstones.

Now, a player has so many different things to play and experiment with that means you won’t get bored from now.


By the way, the raiders attack has become a normal behavior now in the game, devs had to add the boss bar in Minecraft PE version. Although it’s just a placeholder that can show you different stats.

Another interesting feature of MCPE version is the /mobevent command. It either disables or enabled events such as wandering traders’ arrival, raids, and pillager patrols in the game.

On the other hand, splash water bottles are now used to extinguish campfires.

Similarly, hoppers can now transfer food to the composters.

Players can use these blocks when they need some bonemeal in Minecraft PE version. By trashing some food out, a player can get one piece of it.

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