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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as there are lots of minor improvements and little additions making the game more unique.

MCPE Features

Mojang Studios devs keep adding new elements to the game. Now, the trading system has been renovated entirely. Also, villagers currently work a bit differently.

Also, vindicators and pillagers have some improvement in the game. For example, they drop loot during raids in Minecraft PE version.

Previously, players were smashing them in large quantities but were getting nothing out of them. But now, it’s been fixed.


Every time a player joins any world in the game, they’ll see a message to open the chat. So, they have new notifications in MCPE version.

Further, the epic and ominous raid horn are now heard by all players in the dimension. This horn signals the beginning of the attack. Nasty pillagers will break everything coming into their ways.

By the way, once a player successfully completes the invasion and wins, they’ll get a “Hero of the Village” effect in Minecraft PE. This effect allows you to shop at better prices.

Generally, the whole bartering system is revised in Minecraft PE version.


Following this Village & Pillage Update, Mojang Studios devs entirely renewed the trading in the game. Villagers now have levels, and sell goods depending on those different levels.

Besides this, those funky guys have schedules, which they obviously follow in MCPE version. On the other hand, a player cannot trade with them for a longer period of time.

Traders will update their wares once they’ve performed some work at their working stations in the game. Mobs like Fishermen work at barrels, alchemists at brewing stands, and fletchers near the fletching table.

By the way, a player can determine their job by placing or breaking those workbenches in Minecraft PE version.

Usually, this new buying-selling policy brings the needed depth to the scarce-looking elements of the game.

Also, skin packs now sync between Bedrock devices in MCPE version, so a player doesn’t have to buy them one more time.

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