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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it is mostly about bug fixes, improvements, and enhancements in the game.

What is New in MCPE

Mojang Studios devs continue to add new features along with improving some minor general bugs. Furthermore, the game’s performance has been majorly updated making it more stable.

For instance, Virtual Reality game editions now work a little better — now they are less laggy and more stable following Minecraft PE update

However, in this update, the main focus is obviously regarding the raiders abbreviated as pillagers and their attacks known as raids.

Features like the boss bar, which appears during raids as well, are now officially in the game.

Despite the bug fixes theme of this beta version, Mojang Studios developers have put a lot of work into MCPE version


Most of the upcoming updates are just minor bugs fixed since all the significant changes and features have already taken place in the game.

Minecraft PE version doesn’t add anything new, but it is as important as many others. This update has also fixed loads of bugs.

One of them was troubling the Save & Quit button. Players couldn’t exit the game — the game just froze once the pin was pressed.

But now, it also got fixed. Bedrock Dedicated Servers and skin overviewing had some problems too. All of those issues no longer exist in MCPE

Moreover, if any user enters the world with an active raid going on, the boss bar won’t disappear, so the “Hero of the Village” effect can still be achieved.


According to Mojang developers, they’ve also worked on different mobs in the game. For example, skeleton horses can once again be mounted in Minecraft PE version.

However, villagers can now visit the village outskirts and don’t get frustrated.

Generally, they would show disappointed particles as it was too far from the center.

By the way, the End portal blocks now do not drop items which means a player can’t pick them up and build something out of it in MCPE

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