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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it has more gameplay enhancements that make the game way better and more accessible on cheap devices.

MCPE Features

Mojang Studios developers have been working hard enough to bring the best possible gaming experience for Minecraft PE players. And the first thing that they have done is: they have changed the bamboo texture to match Java Edition.

Developers are still trying to make both versions the same. They just want to make the game similar on all platforms. Developers have already managed to integrate different consoles into a single one.

However, it’s not sufficient for devs, so they eliminated all Notch-related splashes like “Made by Notch,” “The work of Notch,” and “110813!” in the MCPE version.


Firstly, the game’s main menu has changed a little bit. The “Store” button is now reinstated with “Marketplace.” There are also some improvements for addon creators in Minecraft PE version.

Secondly, behavior pack templates now contain the “spawn_rules” folder which means coders can adjust world spawning properties.

For example, there might be a huge number of zombies at night or creepers spawning during the day. All of this can happen in the MCPE update.

Besides this, recipe JSON files are in the packs as well.

Customizable recipes have also got in the game. It means a player can add their own templates to get some kind of a block or a tool.


Many players have also reported about players’ flipped hands and legs, which wasn’t a big problem as they could still do anything they wanted. But that looks creepy in the game. However, it’s been fixed following the update of the Minecraft PE version.

Also, tamed tuxedo cats have proper textures. At the same time, witches can no longer jump when they attack. It was bizarre to look at them struggling like this in the game.

However, it doesn’t mean MCPE has become easier to play. For example, vindicators and zombies break wooden doors way faster than previously. so, Download Minecraft PE to enjoy the latest improvements.

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