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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it has got a brand new Character Creator, new accessibility options, and minor changes are now also in the game.

MCPE Features

Mojang Studios keeps changing the game by making it better and gorgeous every time they release a new version. Usually, most of the game’s elements are changing with each update.

For example, new villagers are now selling suspicious mixtures as a part of the Village & Pillage Update. By the way, all the settlement inhabitants have certain jobs now in the game.

Farmers are also selling yields and some types of food in the Minecraft PE version.

Character Creator

Developers have been working really hard to bring an absolutely extraordinary means of customizing a player in MCPE It comes out that the Character Creator alters the usual patterns a player used in the game.

Players, with the help of Character Creator, are now able to determine and freely adjust every single part of their bodies independently.

It means creativity becomes much easier following this update of Minecraft PE Players can now wear fancy hats, pumpkin-looking sleeves, and blackjack pants.


Mojang Studios has already fixed many issues. Besides this, the annoying crashes are gone. On the other hand, Mojang devs moved the “Achievements” button to the “Profile” screen with this update.

A player can see it once a player opens the game with MCPE installed.

Apparently, the game’s performance has boosted. This addition is important for some players as they’re having lots of issues with their low-performance smartphones.

Also, the pillagers invading the ravagers are properly sitting when celebrating the successful raid in Minecraft PE version.

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