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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it has got timid wild foxes, tons of improvements, and a plenty of bug fixes.

Features of MCPE Update

Mojang Studios devs have continuously worked on bringing stability to the game. Apparently, there’ve been several crash issues and a large number of other problems that were reported by users.

Minecraft PE was released to fix them all. For example, the game could unexpectedly quit when a player is to reach the world spawn. The same may have happened when blocking a projectile with a shield. These all issues got fixed in this release.

Also, Mojang developers have also fixed the split-screen problem that frequently occurs on many devices.

Users could also experience FPS drop quite often. Luckily, it is no longer a problem in MCPE update.

General Improvement

Players have been able to clone the Nether portals for a long time now, but they’ve been facing a problem in the previous version. Sometimes these clones couldn’t connect correctly once they were cloned.

Mojang Studios has taken this issue seriously, and now portals are working fine with its latest update in Minecraft PE Besides this, some players can’t even join their friends’ world after the invitation.

The game would start crashing and so the multiplayer mode experience would get ruined. The /clear button works ideally once again. It wasn’t able to delete already damaged items in MCPE version.

Likewise, this update has also got some armor stand improvements in the game. For example, these things display arrows in the correct form when holding them. Moreover, armor stands can now wear helmets.


By the way, ordinary villagers are now able to sleep in the low ceiling house in the game. Additionally, jumpy dolphins hop and plunge properly in Minecraft PE

Meanwhile, zombies no longer get stuck in doorways, and parrots fly as perfectly as they should in real life also. On the other hand, there are some graphical enhancements also in the game.

For example, when a player is on fire, the fire height is correct in MCPE But previously it was not.

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