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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android as it has got new mobs like foxes, blocks like a void, and much more in this update.

What is New in MCPE

Mojang Studios developers have been working hard enough to deliver the best possible gaming experience. They’ve also tried to fix several bugs and solve crash issues that usually occurred while playing as reported by various users.

For example, when a player applies a resource pack to the Realm world, the game no longer freezes as the issue has been resolved in this update. This could end up with world loss. Luckily, you will not encounter that irritating bug in Minecraft PE

Besides this, several players could not succeed even in launching the game itself as the game crashes frequently. But thanks to devs, this issue has also been fixed.


Additionally, developers have done almost everything to increase the amount of FPS or Frames Per Seconds in MCPE There’s also been an interface bug and that also got fixed.

Moreover, Mojang Studios made some VR tweaks also in the Village & Pillage Update. VR-helmet is all a player needs for an outstanding virtual reality experience in Minecraft PE version.


Another addition to the game is that marvelous dolphins now follow the players on boats. You can give them a fish, and they’ll lead you to a buried treasure in Minecraft PE version.

Furthermore, the elytra wing animation problem has also been fixed.

Additionally, the End gateway does not spawn on the central obsidian platform anymore in the game.


By the way, players no longer have to push TNT, which means if it’s lit, it’ll be there. You should be aware of that since it may lead to an explosion at home.

Fortunately, TNT does not smash anything underwater. Another terrible issue was related to the recipe book. It came out that it did not show armor, weapon, and tool recipes.

MCPE version solves this problem as well as makes mobs drop only damaged items. Users could get a fully repaired shovel now.

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