Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free on Android

Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android to witness brown mushrooms, dead corals, lots of other blocks, and numerous improvements in the game.

Features of MCPE Version

The Mojang Studios Team is doing its best to provide the best possible experience on all platforms for users. For example, they have added new blocks to the game to make the building process even more enjoyable.

Moreover, there are even various technical blocks that cannot be obtained in Survival mode but only can be obtained in Creative mode. These things are mostly used by map creators in Minecraft PE

This beta version has also brought tons of other fascinating features like brand new items and even some creatures. Usually, this tiny update provided a significant role in the game’s development process


There are three constructing choices to build with. First of all, it’s a dead coral. Players can get it by drying out some space. Since corals cannot survive without water, they’ll eventually perish and turn into dead ones in MCPE

Obviously, they have a light gray texture, which simply represents their dryness. Map creators can use it in several ways. By the way, these imaginative people have also got some Light Blocks in the game.

As it’s evident by its title, this block is completely invisible and only emits light. A player cannot get in Survival mode since it is used to highlight something in the Minecraft PE maps.

Developers have also tried to carry out new flowers. For example, A player can find wither roses once some living being is attacked by the Wither.


The famous note blocks have become miserable but got the essential fix: there are eleven new sounds in MCPE version The bone block sounds something like a xylophone, gold block like a bell, and clay sounds like a flute.

These jars will affect the note blocks’ future remarkably. Also, a suspicious mixture now spawns in chests around the world.

On the other hand, players can only find brown mushrooms when lightning strikes a red mushroom in Minecraft PE

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