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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Buzzy Bees for free on Android as this beta version fixes tons of bugs and finally brings stable gameplay.

What’s New in MCPE

There are a lot of things to know about this update as it has fixed most of the broken elements. There is also a new Character Creator in this update. This allows the player to adjust the character anyhow they want.

However, a player has to pay real money to get the most remarkable outfits in the game. By the way, this feature actually adds a layer to the system. It means each body part of the player can now be customized independently in Minecraft PE update.


Generally, the Buzzy Bees update adds honey and everything related to it. Bees are now into the game too. Mojang Studios devs have announced that their arrival revealed their teamwork with WWF.

There is also a challenge for players to collect as much honey as they can, so devs donate pretty big numbers to the World Wildlife Fund. MCPE update lets you help bees to fight against climate change.

Honey-harvesting is just a simple task, but a player shouldn’t rush itself. They cannot collect either honey or honeycombs if there is no campfire under the nest or hive.

If a player dares to ruin their house, they’ll switch the neutral style of living to the hostile in Minecraft PE update.


The beta update brings more stability to the game. Mojang Studios have tried their best to fix most of the problems. For example, some Character Creator items were shown inappropriately in the game.

Besides, a lot of textures were getting damaged when any player disabled texture packs. Furthermore, some bees wouldn’t react if their kids got harmed.

Minecraft PE has fixed this problem and also some minor bugs as well.


Another example of extremely hard work is the game’s performance and stability that Mojang Studios devs have put into the game to make a smooth gaming experience.

Moreover, as it’s stated in the changelog, it is now less laggy as compared to the previous version.

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