Download Minecraft PE Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE Buzzy Bees for free on Android as this update has got bug fixes, improvements, and enhancements that have obviously made the game better.

What is New in MCPE

The Buzzy Bees Update guarantees to bring bees to the game which means there is a lot to see and experience in the new version of this game. For example, there is a block that can move blocks and mobs with it.

It will be great for engineering and for constructing something really canny. This is one of the most fascinating facts about the Minecraft PE update.

There are also tons of new items, and numerous shockingly impressive features have been added to this game.


Apparently, Buzzy Bees’ focus is honey, which can be collected from nests and hives from all around the Minecraft world. The main difference between those two blocks is their origin.

Players can find nests under the trees that are situated near the flowers. So, it’s quite easy to see them in MCPE version. Hives are actually crafted by a living being.

There is no alternate way of finding them in nature. A player can use any wooden planks and honeycombs to make one. In the meantime, a comb usually drops when a user shears a hive or a nest.


The above block is called a honey block. A player can create it using four bottles of honey. Users collect them quite effortlessly in the game using empty bottles on a full hive or a nest.

 Depending on the block’s plenum, it changes its texture.

Players could see honey flowing out of it in Minecraft PE version. It means there is enough of that gooey substance which eventually gets you a honeycomb.


We all know that no update brings more stability to the game than a beta one. Mojang Studios devs had made sure that the game was ready for release. That’s why there are so many bug fixes in MCPE update.

Now, players won’t be having sleepless nights attempting to get out of a buggy honey block. Some players could not escape once they stepped on it.

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