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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE where you can find lots of new features like piglins, hoglins, and Nether biomes in this update.

What’s New in Minecraft PE

Firstly, we want to mention that Mojang devs have finally updated Nether. This place hasn’t received any updates since it’s released officially. But now it changes dramatically with the recent update.

Some Brand new friendly mobs, hostile, some engaging dungeons, and new features like bartering with an unknown civilization have also been introduced in Minecraft PE update.


Diamond used to be the rarest and the most valuable item in the game, but with this update, it’s no more. Netherite is a newly presented substance of Nether depths that are considered rarer than a diamond.

Its chance of spawning is way far lower than diamond’s one and that makes it a more valuable item in the game.

But you might be wondering why do you need a netherite?

Well, It has been found out that you can upgrade your shiny blue armor and make it, even more, better in Minecraft PE

But it takes some hard time and lots of hard work. First of all, you have to find a plethora of ancient debris —  that’s where the netherite appears from. After that, you have to melt it in a furnace to make netherite scraps.

Now combining it with gold will provide you with the netherite ingot. Minecraft PE version players can use it to make either armor or tools with it.


Another exciting feature of the Nether Update is piglins. As you know they are now replacing zombie pigmen, but a player can still find their old friends in Nether Voids.

Nevertheless, those creatures are now called zombified piglin in the latest update of Minecraft PE

The most thrilling aspect about piglins is that of their ability to trade. Mojang deva has finally made gold more useful. Compared to the villagers, these pig-like mobs adore gold.

But be cautious as they can attack you If you don’t wear anything made of gold.

And if the player’s got something golden, he can start bartering. Just give those mobs gold ingots, and in return, they will give you something back.

It all depends on them, but sometimes a player can get really worthy items in Minecraft PE version.

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