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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android as this update has got a few fixes and other improvements in this beta version.

What’s New in MCPE

The release of the Nether Update is getting closer and closer, which means most of the latest updates will be based on the beta version and eventually have tons of fixes.

However, it does not mean that you can’t see anything worth mentioning with every update. You can expect some game changes as well that will determine the future development of the game.

Microsoft Account Fix

There are a lot of bug fixes that have already been fixed in the previous version. But, the most important one is related to the Microsoft Account. There was a bug that players could not sign in.

There is also a game crash, offline problem. Some players even face the issue that they could not get the connection even when online. MCPE release is supposed to solve these types of problems.

Hereafter, you should not worry about your Marketplace content and other things tied to your account as the bug will fix those issues and all things remain in your account untouched.

Multiplayer Solution

Players could not play with each other since they have an account to be on a server. It comes out that invitations did not work before Minecraft PE

Luckily, now a player can easily send or accept an invitation to play on private servers with their friends. It means the possibilities in the game are limitless once again.

There was also a bug with the /XP command. It always showed syntax errors, which have also been fixed in MCPE


On the other hand, there are plenty of other enhancements related to a large number that have come with this update. For example, mob spawning in the Warped Forest and Soul Sand Valley was unreasonable and this update has fixed those issues.

Some players even said it was quite impossible to walk there among an endless number of hostile creatures.

All thanks to Mojang Studios devs as they have solved this disturbing problem in Minecraft PE version.

These latest updates are meant to bring stability to the game before the official release of the Nether Update.

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