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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE for free on Android as it has got various bug fixes, many enhancements, etc.

What’s New in MCPE

Mojang developers just keep adding new features and fixing some old minor bugs with every update they release. This time, they’ve fixed some more bugs that were interrupting a lot during gameplay.

Therefore, a player can expect Minecraft PE update to have extraordinary and impressive performance, which will allow many players to have fun on their low-end devices.

However, developers have also made it clear that they will no longer support some old devices since October 2020.

All Windows, Mobile, and Gear VR users, iOS 10 or below players, won’t receive any future updates of the game.

Besides this, Android users with less than 768MB of RAM won’t be supported as well.


Mojang Studios is quite excited about their latest release. Thus they have changed old and bad-working elements and added something fresh to the Minecraft world.

For example, they’ve recently added emotes to the game. It means that MCPE players can now communicate with gestures.

It is easier than typing something in the chat. However, only a few of the emotions are available to use in the game and you can purchase other emotions to use.


On the other hand, various errors have been removed from the game also. It appears that some could even lead to a crash.

Furthermore, it could result in progressive loss. Luckily, a player should no longer worry regarding this in MCPE version.

Besides this, a few animation fixes have also been implemented in the game. It also appears that piglins, brutes, and vindicators could have their arms invisible or floating in the game.

Mojang Studios developers have also fixed the custom skin issue on public servers also.

It turns out that this type of skin was shown wrongly during the multiplayer sessions.

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