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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android as it has got Vanilla parity changes, stability and performance improvements, and much more.

What’s New in MCPE

Mojang developers have continued to improve most of the game’s elements, making everything better and more engageable for players.

For example, the game will no longer crash when a player opens a Shulker box in which they are staying. As many users have reported this nasty error that could result in a progressive loss, devs have fixed this in this update.

Minecraft PE version has become less laggy and more stable than ever before, all thanks to Mojang devs.

Vanilla Parity

Mojang Studios has always been working on making gameplay the same on all available platforms. Therefore it modified some elements in MCPE update.

For example, sea turtles now play an unusual sound when they lay eggs. This feature already existed on the Java Edition of the game. Now, it is available on Bedrock Edition too.

Moreover, these marine creatures and dolphins will try to reach water once they get on land. Dolphins cannot live without water for more than two minutes in the game, so it’s important for them to get underwater.

On the other hand, experience orbs now float in water in Minecraft PE version. It means a player no longer has to dive to get them.

Also, there are some Netherite movements on lava changes as well. Its behaviour is more predictable now in the game.

General Changes

Furthermore, Mojang Studios devs have made TNT no longer activatable by placing a Redstone Torch directly on it. It means a player has to put it either on the sides or underneath it.

Plus, the Basalt block has been enhanced, so ghast cannot break them. It also takes more time to destroy it with just a pickaxe in MCPE version.

Generally, Mojang developers did their best to ensure stable and engaging gameplay following this update.

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