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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android as developers have bettered the game by adding some minor improvements and fixing some bothersome elements.

MCPE Highlights

Mojang Studios has almost finished supporting the Nether Update, given the number of new features added recently. Now, they are concentrating on bug fixing and enhancing the game.

Moreover, Minecraft PE version users will definitely notice some crucial improvements in the gameplay.

It comes out that developers are still into making everything in both Editions. They are trying to make both Java and Bedrock editions the same.

Therefore there are so many exciting and rather essential features yet to come in MCPE


One of the most incredible things about this little update is lava and water bugfix. It appears that players couldn’t see any liquid if watching through honey or slime blocks in Minecraft world.

But now, both water and lava are clearly seen in Minecraft PE, which is excellent news for many map creators. This tiny mistake was confusing many players in the game.

Furthermore, all plants and crops now can grow without any issues if planted near chunk borders. Besides this, Brewing Stands can now be crafted using Blackstone in the game.

Even cod and salmon drop their cooked versions if killed using fire in MCPE update.


Mojang Studios developers have paid attention to the game’s optimization feedback. Luckily for many players, this sandbox survival game works way faster and better now compared to earlier.

Mojang Developers could accomplish such a boost thanks to the code cleaning. It appears that they have deleted some useless and outdated parts of the game’s code and added some fresh and new ones.

Furthermore, the Blackstone fence acts properly once again in Minecraft PE version. It couldn’t connect with many other types of fences.

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