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Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android as it has got wonderful blocks, intelligent mobs, and significant changes.

What’s New in MCPE

Developers are working on Minecraft Live Livestream, and somehow they manage to find time to publish beta versions.

Usually, these updates are just about bug fixing and optimization of the game.

Thus, you should not expect any severe changes at all in the game. However, a player may expect some optimization boost as Mojang devs have enhanced some minor things with each update.

In the MCPE update, lava buckets eventually work once again. Players could not use those pieces of iron as fuel. It was especially important for the Nether inhabitants as there are not many fuel sources.


Target blocks common elements in the game and can be manufactured using four Redstone dust pieces and one hay bale.

Just place and connect it to a Redstone circuit to use its full functionality power. It comes out that the closer to the bullseye you hit, the stronger the Redstone signal will be in Minecraft PE version.


Mojang Studios devs have also contributed to the MCPE wizarding world. Various piglins out there in the Nether are ready to barter away the Soul Speed Enchanting Book.

All a player needs is a shiny gold ingot. Piglins really love those shiny gold. Don’t get confused between ordinary and brutal ones. Brutes piglins won’t even try to talk to you.

Once boots are enchanted with the so-called Soul Speed in Minecraft PE, their bearers can be able to travel way faster on Soul Soil.


Talking about transport, you should know there are Striders that can help in traveling. Also, you can mount them to travel torrid lava pools otherwise you would have to walk around.

MCPE can offer you a lot. Daring creatures, fragile trade unions, and fantastic picturesque can be found in the Nether Update.

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