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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android that includes some minor bug fixes, loads of blocks, netherite, emotes, and many more things.

What’s New in MCPE

Mojang Studios are finishing up with the Nether Update as we have already seen some major improvements in other elements of the game.

For instance, Minecraft PE players can turn on Caves & Cliffs’ experimental gameplay to play with the latest features in the game.

Generally, a player may expect new wonderful blocks and charming mobs to appear in this sandbox survival mode.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixing is one of the most important parts during each update as several crashes occur, the devs always try to solve the issue by bringing updates at some interval.

MCPE version has also fixed the double chest problem that irritates the player. They could lose all their belongings once the world is reloaded.

Luckily, this and many other minor and major bug errors have been fixed by the developers from Mojang Studios in this update.


One of the latest mobs that are added in MCPE is goats. This mob, being neutral until provoked, lives in mountain peaks and is also a mischievous mob. It is a land of snow and hunger, but goats are okay with it and can survive there.

Thus they’ve adapted to the severe climate. However, it affected them differently and they are not welcoming that type of climate at all.

If a player or other mob gets too close to this animal, they speed up and kick them off the cliff. Therefore you should be more cautious regarding this in Minecraft PE in the mountain range.

Powder Snow

On the other side, we’ve also got a new snow block. It’s something different than a normal one but looks quite similar.

Powder snow is not a solid block, and that’s why you can use it to create traps for your enemies. As goats are smart enough to avoid powder snow in MCPE, players have to take care of these snow blocks.

Once you’ve got yourself into these snowy blocks, you will slowly and gradually fall through them. Besides this, the snow eliminates fall damage, and so, you can fall from any heights you want.

Interestingly, a player may walk on it if they wear leather boots in Minecraft PE This small addition in the update makes a significant difference and adds some good functionality.

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