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Download Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android to witness a variety of game-changing bugs fixes.

What’s New in MCPE

The Mojang Studios team has always tried to keep improving the overall game performance by making new changes. Recently, we’ve seen that they are continuously focusing on fixing some minor bugs that trouble players during gameplay.

Therefore you may expect some noticeable enhancements in the gameplay in this update and also experience some general changes across all platforms in Minecraft PE


Developers have committed their time and hard work to fix those issues related to multiplayer mode. Before this update, some players have had trouble joining several servers and that’s why this update has been introduced to fix those problems.

The Mojang Studios team made it obvious that anyone who is willing to enter any server is now able to enter in the latest MCPE version.

Obviously, a player has to log in to their Microsoft Account to receive all Xbox Live benefits. Additionally, the Founder’s Cape is once again accessible for everyone in the store.

You can find it in the same spot as previously. Its disappearance was just a technical error that was fixed in Minecraft PE

Goat Mob

For all zoologists, developers have introduced another common mob and that is a goat. It is usually neutral. Nonetheless, do not provoke it.

As a matter of fact, this creature is skilled in protecting itself in Minecraft PE Anyone who persuades them to get too close around this mob will eventually fly off the cliff.

Besides this, you can also find powder snow where there is a goat.  As this mob is common in real life you can experience the same behaviour of goats in the game also.

Piglins & Hoglins

When the Nether Update was announced first, Mojang developers prepared to add a mutual and self-dependent flora and fauna in this dimension of the game.

Thereafter, Piglins and Hoglins were added to the game and eventually became dependent on each other. As a consequence, they can live peacefully in MCPE

However, users may also notice the cruel hunting process of Piglins. If succeeded, piglins dance peculiarly, but only once, they flee like chickens.

Likewise, Hoglins are the only food source in the Nether, so users will mostly like to join the hunting.

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