Download Minecraft PE 1.16.200 Apk for Free

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.200
Download Minecraft PE 1.16.200

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.200 Nether Update for free on Android as it has got mountain goats, powder snow, and a variety of bug fixes.

What’s New in MCPE 1.16.200

This sandbox survival game has got several brand new things into game. One of them was long ago promised an addition related to the mountains and that promise is fulfilled by devs in the game.

Millions of users globally voted for the next biome to update during Minecon Live 2019. Goats, the snowier snow, and the new mounts generation were the winners and they got an entry in the next release.

Mojang Studios finally introduces brand new mobs in Minecraft PE 1.16.200 version.


Goats are freshly added jumpy creatures. They spawn only on the mountain pikes. Moreover, goats usually come up in herds of four-five species in the game.

They are not rare, but sometimes a player might need to spend some additional time looking for them in MCPE 1.16.200 version. Nevertheless, there’s a big chance of being hurt by them.

It also appears that goats, though quite friendly, can knock off intruders like other mobs and players.

So, give them some space as they like it. Players can still hang out with them, but not all goats will be happy with you from their side.

Therefore, we’d recommend keeping a distance from the goat’s mob in Minecraft PE 1.16.200 version and getting closer only in case of emergency.


Goats are quite intelligent. They mostly avoid powder snow as it’s dangerous for them, and they can end up dead there.

Besides this, goats also use their horns effectively against anyone threatening their fragile peace in the mounts. Although that place is not yet updated in the game, there are way more exciting things that a player can witness in MCPE 1.16.200.

By the way, once a goat gets dead, they drop horns. A player can get more for horning and scarring their friends and local villagers off as it makes the raid sounds.

Powder Snow

Minecraft PE 1.16.200 versions’ another excellent addition is powder snow in the game. This peculiar block has something to offer to the contraption builders in this version.

Powder snow’s main feature is its abyss. Mobs and players simply fall through it, and the more they stay in there, the more damage they get in the game.

Also, landing on powder snow deals no damage. It works almost like water in this case. Still, a player can’t collect it using a shovel in MCPE 1.16.200 version.

The only tool that a user can grab it with is a “bucket”. We now have buckets of powder snow surely.

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